Mad Catz TE2 xbox 360 dosn't work on PC

just bought me the Mad Catz Stick TE2 Stick for Xbox 360. Thought they work fine on PC with the Xbox360 Gamepad driver for PC But it seems it doesn’t accept the driver. The Xbox Light just blinks shortly at start and goes off and the Device Manager says theres no Driver for that Device. But it recognizes the Stick.

Any Advice?

Came across this, whoever this is seems to have gotten that thing to work with xbox one drivers.

Yeah i found this too and i have installed the xbone driver but it still doesn’t work. Also i think that he is using the Stick for Xbone and not for 360 (I think they are different?)

Ok i made it work. Found a thread on Steam with the Solution. For anyone interested here is the link:

i can’t get my atrox to work on pc period :frowning:

This is a TE thread