--= Mad Catz Tournament Edition Double-PCB Service =--

Hi guys, I want to know how many of you would be interested in a service where you ship me your PS3 or Xbox 360 tournament edition stick, and I can dual-pcb mod it to work on the other system. For 360 to PS3 mods, the added pcb would be a cthulhu board, for PS3 to 360 mods, I would use a regular common ground MadCatz. You would have to pay shipping both ways, which would be a real deal killer for anyone who lives far from California, but at this point let’s just see if anyone is interested in having my service.

The price would be 80 dollars, this would include all parts on my end, and my finished product would have a toggle/switch mounted neatly on the outside of your arcade stick, to select between the pads. And obviously I wouldn’t just have it with two usb cords dangling out the back, the switch would be a selector between which game system the single, existing usb cord would operate with.

It’s really expensive especially after shipping, I know. But people have been e-mailing me and asking for it, so if anyone wants it, I’m here with this offer.

Oh also, if anyone wants to determine whether or not I am qualified, I have another service thread (which is ongoing,) and you can look into it here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=172793
I do very clean work.

I’m down for this… can’t go wrong with having a dual mod =)

I have read the title carefully and it is probably a “NO” but I thought I ask anyways.

Will you do this for the Standard Edition Fightstick?

At this point i will say yes, for the 360 standard editions. I do not think that the ps3 standard edition will have room in there for a full madcatz pad, but that might change when I see one and get more facts.

where are you located? are you willing to do local jobs?

I’m in the ventura county / thousand oaks area.
I will do local jobs for anyone who doesn’t want to pay shipping… that means you would only have to spend 80 dollars.

For those who haven’t heard of ventura county, I live about 45 miles from Los Angeles. I’m a 25 minute drive from Denjin Arcade… But I can arrange for weekly pickups/dropoffs at Denjin or Family Fun Arcade.

I’m interested for sure . Once I get me 2nd stick, I’ll pm you.

This is definitely something i would be down for once i get my stick and test it out a bit.

I’d do it once I get my second stick. I don’t have steady enough hands for work like that nor do I know anyone who can do that kind of modding. The shipping plus the $80 would pretty much be the cost of having to go out and buy a PS3 TE stick anyway and this’d just make it easier for me.

this seems like a great service to the community.

This is a great idea. I’ll hit you up when I get paid.

I’m really interested in doing the cthulhu mod on my 360TE. Since I live in Germany shipping is practically out of the question. Could you be convinced to release a diagram or some instructions on how to do the mod yourself - would be really great :slight_smile:

for the price of shipping back and forth from 1/2 the country and paying the 80$ fee (for pad/cuthulu + work) you could buy another TE stick for a different system…but for convenience i guess it wouldn’t be bad.

If I can actually get my hands on a TE stick, I might be up for this.

SAHWEEEEET. bummed out when xcm adapter didn’t cutt it but who cares with this service available! n e estimation as to how long this process takes? 360 to ps3 specifically. i really close to ffa too.

If you pack a TE in it’s box I’m positive you can ship via USPS for under 20. So you’re looking at 120 for the total project if you on the East coast. That’s a good deal for someone who has both systems.

Might be interested in this deal…

Wow, more responses than I expected hehe.

Why not just send the PCB?

There are going to be TONS of these rolling in as the sticks get more and more released. I’m considering the madcatz 360 sticks the only supported dual pcb configuration I’ll support, so if you have any questions about it, ask them in the Cthulhu thread and I’ll do my best to answer.

gamingnow.net: Told ya there’d be a demand :slight_smile: Good luck, and post lots of pictures.