Mad Catz Tournament Edition FightStick - Keychain Promo


Some of you may know, we made a limited run of nifty keychains for CES and other future events in 2010. Here’s a pic:

It also has a nifty lil’ hidden feature:

3mm hex key for uhhh voiding your warranty. Be warned! Cool though, right?

I’ll be giving away one via twitter tomorrow at noon.

Not on twitter? Get on it.

^ Retweet that for a chance to win! Winner will be randomly drawn. Open to continental US only. I’ll try an international contest later on down the road.

Good luck. :wink:


Continental US only for now?

/does his best Chuck Heston in Plant of the Apes impression



Yea, sorry pare. I’ll coordinate another one for international ppl soon.


Do I want to Retweet early or late? :sad:
Only eighteen people Retweet so far.


I’ll be waiting mark <3


Seventeen, since one of them was me.


Oh. :sad:
Hope you get one for the International.

I couldn’t wait.
So I did now.

I’m Number 21.


Shipping to Hawaii for something that small shouldn’t be that bad, can it?

Help a filipino brutha out. lol
These keychains are so dope!


Can we get pics of the insides? I wanna mod that thing to have real buttons ;p … If only!

The worlds smallest modded stick.

I need to add this to my GH guitar keychain collection.


I retweeted. Those are dopee.


Man I want one of those just to explain what the hell my small business is all about when people ask.


o-o that thing would be great because i dont have a hex to open my stick o-o


I want one lol. As I’m in France I have to wait a little. Right M. Markman ?^^


damn you for giving me a reason to sign up for twitter!


Do I just click on “Retweet” next to “Reply”? Sorry, I’m new to twitter and this is probably the only time I will use twitter.


Alright the retweet is complete, now give me a keychain :slight_smile:


Go go go retweet deployed!

Had to register to enter but it’s all good! For the love of the TE key chain!!


I tweeted.
LOL@Gootecks, Retweeting it trying to win that keychain :stuck_out_tongue:


retweeted! good luck everyone


retweet by myself, @apollolux