Mad Catz TvC mod questions


I gave the search function a few variations and nothing came up, so I’m starting this thread to ask my questions.

I have a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom stick and I want to mod it to work with my 360. I have two questions.

  1. I popped in my Sanwa parts. Now, when it comes to the wiring: Should I put the connectors back as they were or swap them around to match up the setup on the SEs?

  2. I want to mod it for 360-usage and I have absolutely zero skills with soldering. Should I go with a Kitty? Will it fit?

Thank you in advance to the wonderful tech people here.


1.Setup is the same.

  1. Kitty will give you PS3+everything else BUTno 360. You’ll need to Pad hack a 360 pad, or get the PS360+

ps - learn to solder :slight_smile:


After poking around a few sites, I found Focus Attack selling a Paewang PCB. I also watched a video of SRK’s own Nerrage installing it into a custom case (I think it was a Foe Hammer). Will that PCB work for my TvC?


Yes, but you’ll need to Solder. PS360+ is solderless


I’ve been wanting to know if I wanted to put a MC Cthulhu into my TvC stick how would I accomplish that? Are there any useful how tos on the issue already made?