Mad Catz Type-N Panel Artwork


Now that Mad Catz is sadly defunct, does anyone know where one would be able to get that black artwork that came with the Type-N replacement panel? That artwork is super clean, and it would be a shame if it weren’t available at all :frowning:

Maybe someone can scan it???


hmmm unfortunately it’s gonna be hard to get an EXACT graphic that’s in proportion, BUT i do have the graphic, i actually have 2 type N panels, with the clear film and the graphic that im selling. I know this is not the trade forum, but you can find it on ebay which im selling. I got 2 of them to sell. I know you just want the graphic but ive done a google search on just the graphic, unfortunately nothing shows up except pictures of physical sticks fit with that Type N graphic into the stick. Hope that helps. You could always buy it from someone selling like myself on ebay or Trade Forum, if they are willing to sell you just the graphic. I sell on ebay the graphic, metal panel, and the clear vinyl film that comes with it, when you purchase the Type N Kit from Mad Catz, when they used to sell it, it originally comes with a clear Vinyl film, NOT a plexi, if you want the plexi then you can contact Arthur from Tek Innovation, he’ll give you link so you can click it and submit an order for the plexi of your choice whether it’s blank, or etched, ethched. Hope it helps. Search on ebay mad Catz type n panel as your starting point.