Mad Catz vs Xbox 360 controller

I currently have a stick with a Cthulhu PS3 board in it and would like to dual mod. I’m just wondering if it would be easier to use a wired Mad Catz controller, wired 360 or a wireless 360. I already own a wired 360 and from my understanding this doesn’t have common ground, which would be needed for the Cthulhu board.
If Mad Catz which one?
Can it be wired easy like the wireless CG 360 board?


Did you check to see if your 360 controller is common ground or not?
About the madcatz, search the first page of tech talk. Answering to the last question, when it comes to padhacking, either you know how to solder or you don’t. All pads are basically the same.

No first party 360 controller is suitable for dual modding.

You’ll have to get a Mad Catz retro joystick or a Mad Catz controller made in and after 2007. This includes the Fight Pads.

Well I know the only 360 controller that is common ground is the wireless one, because apparently the wired ones are only common line which is very different from what I’ve read. As a matter of fact I can solder extremely well, but I don’t know what this has to do with the question I asked.

Are you saying if I wasn’t dual modding I can potentially just use one of the common line 1st party 360 controller?