Mad Max: Fury Road AKA The Action Movie We Never Knew We Deserved

A movie so good it deserves its own thread. I expected it to be decent film, but it blew my expectations out of the water.

I’ll keep it simple- it’s a visual masterpiece with action galore, and an uncomplicated, but still entertaining plot. The breakneck pace in Mad Max is like experiencing one long climax (pun intended).

A solid 9/10

I live. I die. I live again. I am awaited within the Halls of Valhalla, and I will shine like chrome.

Hope is a Mistake

This movie looks so amazing. I’m really considering making the hour drive to the closest Imax to see it.

saw it, pretty good.

I’ll say this:

This movie was one of those movies that wasn’t hyped as far as anticipation goes but man this movie was gdlk.

Tom fuckin Hardy

That dude riding on the vehicle that was built out a bunch of amps and is just rocking out on his guitar/flamethrower. I got SO hyped when he was on screen.

That guy was the man. He had one job and didn’t let *anything *stop him.

Finally someone made a thread this movie deserves.

George Miller schooled film makers with this one. This is how you revive an 80s movie.

What a lovely day indeed.

Certified SRK Approved.

Miss this movie in the theaters at your own peril.

People who watch a pirated copy on their pc’s will have their opinions ignored.

The flick deserves to make AoU money.

This is the best action movie I’ve ever seen, it was brilliant, everything from the story, the designs and the action sequences, atte Nitpickus Maximus.

I was hyped for this movie after seeing it’s first trailer(with the classical music) and I strategically avoided all other trailers and info afterwards to keep things fresh.

This movie is a masterpiece, no hyperbole there. I watched the originals in preparation(they were great) and it is laughable how hard this movie blows those out of the fucking water with it’s exceptional-ness.

I can honestly say, without any doubt whatsoever, this movie is in my top 10 of all time.

I feel like you need to see this movie in theaters at least once to truly appreciate it and experience it in all of its glory.

Flamethrower Guitarist on the war drummer truck is character of the year.

Max and Furiosa for Mortal Kombat, please :smiley:

Or Netherealm should make a Mad Max video game altogether.

I’ll just leave this here…

^Gonna be a good year for Mad Max, i’m glad the game looks to be set in the world of the reboot.

“Shadows of Mordor: Twisted Metal” is definitely on my must buy list.

I stand little hope of seeing this imported to Korea/China, so what option would I have?

Great action flic. I got to see it when a friend of mine told me of a screening for the movie a week before it officially released. Living close to a alamo draft house is amazing.

For those that have seen the new MadMax and the originals

I would Fury her Road.