Mad Men Casting Call Contest

Hey guys, I need your help, I entered a contest on that could potentially net me a walk on role in Mad Men. The reason I need your help is that I need people to vote for my picture. You don’t need to sign up, you just click the link below and enter your vote. You can vote once a day, but just one vote from you guys is more than appreciated.

Mad Men Casting Call

Thanks a lot for your help!

no one had blonde hair in the 1950s so i will not vote for you


Good lucku

Thanks guys!

the current top vote getter has 78316 votes. you currently have 49. Maybe you should see if AMC’s other hit show, Breaking Bad, needs a walk on meth head or something. Good luck!

I just entered yesterday, but you’re right, I have quite a bit of ground to cover.

aignt no blackman winning this contest

They will if they’re OK with being a doorman or janitor.

That av fits so well with what you posted. Haha

hahaha i was thinking the exactly same thing.

Cmon man, do you really think you stand a chance against Florence Sherman from Sugar Land, Texas? Let’s be realistic here, she’s clearly got this one in the bag.

People like that are one of the reasons I decided to enter this contest.

  • you should just go to the finals, even if you don’t get picked, and tell the directors “it was already decided that I would win!”. SRK Style.

Some of these are really good. These people really want to get on the show, and I can’t blame them.

11 pages and still no Asian or Black “Mad Man” lol

they already have a guy that works the elevators.

I voted, good luck!