Mad Props to AlphaIsm Radio for their EVO Coverage!

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to the fellas running Alphaism radio. In my opinion, this was probably the best thing to happen to EVO in years. I was glued to my computer as I listened to play by play action from the finals AND the Money Matches. It was crazy exciting.

In the past, those of us who couldn’t make it to EVO were forced to constantly spam the EVO boards and hit refresh all night long as we waited for some kind soul to give us the final results. About 2-3 days later, we would finally get “official” results from all the games.

But with this up to the minute coverage, it really made you feel like you were right there in the crowd. Best of all, this is only going to get better and better as Alphaism radio expands. Wouldn’t it be something if the EVO matches were video taped and streamed online?!?! It just makes is that much closer to being a legitament sporting event.

I do have a few suggestions and questions about Alphaism. I noticed that you guys had an IRC chat room or Aim room going but I never knew where it was located. During your talk shows, will you have them up again and how can we join in? Also, I finally managed to write down the phone number but I think having it stickied would be a great asset.

Finally, for this coming week I think you should setup a schedule for each night with a new guest. Like tonight can be Alex Valle, tomorrow Justin Wong, etc. That way the focus can be on each player rather than just random people calling in. Perhaps you guys can have a 1 hour talk show weeknights? We have SO much to talk about that I think you could sustain that for some time. It will also make it easier to tune in and catch the live interviews if we know exactly what time it will happen. Like say, 9central-10 central is talkshow time. It will also help things move along smoothly without dead air time.

I think you guys are on to something here. Once everything gets established and structured, I certainly believe that this can explode. Imagine all fighting game fans tuning in each week (and calling in) to find out tourney results for the week, and who is saying what about who. Once you get that routine time slot and schedule great interviews, the fans will WANT to call in and be a part of the experience.

So keep up the good work! Alphaism radio is hype!

Alphaism radio was tight as hell. Appreciate the work you guys did.

Funny ass shit when some random guy called in and asked, “Is Justin an actor on the D3- the mighty ducks?”

Keep up the good work guys.

Yea props to all of the guys who were helping out Alphaism radio. That shit kept me updated and it made me glue myself to my computer listening to the hit by hit commentaries.

I don’t know about the IRC channel, but there was an aim chatroom called “evo2006”.

Again, thanks a lot Alphaism, you’re doing a great thing for the community.

Yea seriously, alphaism brings evo to all homes. Much props to you guys.

Yeah thanks for all that. I imagine it would be a pain in the ass to do play by play every move like they did but there’s a whole 'nother year to figure something out to make it easier for everyone. But not a bad start at all. It would be a lot easier live at the event where someone can just throw on a pair of headphones and watch up close and say what’s going. You guys worked hard though and didn’t bitch. Much props.

Yeah it was a great weekend. Thanks Alphaism for all the Evo coverage.

I was sad about the 3s coverage though. (A lot of breaking up/not much excitement shown for 3s) Then again I still enjoyed Friday/Saturday’s show.

matches from evo, nuki’s first couple of matches. he perfected some dude


Yeah after Valle beat Daigo, the guy was like “well alright man thanks for calling, whooo you hear that ya’ll?” as if that was the end of the tourney or something. Meanwhile mester/nuki and other matches were about to happen!

Radio overage was dope though…I don’t even like Marvel, but I was hooked on listening to how it was going to unfold. Much props to alphaism radio.

definetly appreciated…the commentary on the final 8 of marvel was pretty good… props to the dude who did that…i think it was skisonic or something?

Yeah, skisonic held it down with the best commentary I’ve EEEEVEEER heard on Marvel, as well as CvS2 (it takes a lot to get someone hype over the phone), and of course props to Bunkei for setting up the whole radio deserves mad props… thanks to everyone who called in over the course of the 3 days and made it fun for everyone listening at home

I appreciated it alot, first ever time i got to experience a peace of EVO, I hope they do it again next year!!!

you all are welcomed I myself didn’t go to evo but got many updates and passed them along to Bunkei

Last night radio cast was hilarious, especially valle vs skeletor.


Yeah, Bunkei is an MVP for all of us who didn’t go to EVO. All weekend, too! Bunkei, I hope your ears are ok.