MAD Results

FIrst of all, thanks to everyone that came out.

Sorry things ran a bit slow, but I wanted to let out of towners arrive, and some of you guys were pretty damn late, so I apologize for that. Next time, I wouldn’t expect that kind of leniency.

Anyway… Results!

CvS2 (21 Entrants)

  1. Justin
  2. Sanford
  3. Rugal B.
  4. Steve H.
  5. Skisonic

3S (40 Entrants)

  1. Justin
  3. Cajun Strike
  4. Eric Lee
  5. Eric Kim
  6. L.I. Joe

ST (20 Entrants)

  1. Justin
  2. Ultra David


  1. Justin
  2. Noel
  3. Matt Frank

Umm… that’s all I got until Eric Kim wakes up, I guess.

I’d like to apologize about ST. We were supposed to have a lot more converters than we did… People didn’t all bring what they said they would, so we only had enough to run ST on one station. We’ll be SURE to remedy that next time.

I’m gonna post full results for CvS2 in a bit, and full ST results will be up later as well. Hopefully more, but I’m not sure who has the other brackets.

Feel free to post results from other games.

Thanks to everyone for coming out. Special thanks to Evil Elvis and Combo FIend for coming out. Good shit Sanford for beasting. Son was focused! Justin, you’re lucky I’m a choker.

NC- <3 4ever.

SOVA- Always a pleasure. Ant, good looking on the video capture.

Where was Delaware???

Also, special thanks to everyone that provided systems, games, TVs, etc. Much appreciated.

Also, did anyone “find” a gold, gaudy ring? If so, please PM me.

3s top 4:

1st justin
2nd combofiend
3rd cajun strike
4th eric lee

Good shit this weekend, too bad I drove 6 hours and only won a single tournament match though :frowning:

ggac results:

1st: KbNova(AN, ZA)
2nd: Combofiend(SL)
3rd: Steve H(KY)
4th: MarlinPie(ED)
5th: Jamie(TE)
5th: Mulligan(OS, JA)
7th: Damian(AB)
7th: Frank the Tank(MA)
9th: Shazay(SL)
9th: Rina Reese(MI, SO) <- this is HeartBuri
9th: IloveU(ED, PO) <- this is LIJoe
9th: Sierra 117(SO) <- this is HNH

teams top4:

  1. Jamie/Damian/Kenji (Old School)
  2. HnH/Moroha/Marlin Pie (Tentacle)
  3. Frank The Tank / Ky Player / Chipp Player (Team NC)
  4. Combofiend / Justin Wong / Ed Player (Team I Heart Combofiend I think)

Good times. Loved playing 3S for like 24 hours.

Great to see all the C3 guys, and it was nice to meet everyone else who came out, too. You guys make C3 one of the most fun tournaments.

Full ST results, 20 entrants (correct me if I get these character choices wrong or if I don’t remember who you played):

  1. Justin (O Sagat, O Ken)
  2. UltraDavid (Zangief, Honda, Claw)
  3. Combofiend (Claw, Ryu, O Sagat)
  4. Comeback (Boxer, Honda)
  5. JetPhi (Ryu, ?)
  6. Eric Lee (Ryu)
  7. Havoc (Ryu)
  8. Nokato (Ryu)
  9. Yabuki Style
  10. Ed Lopez
  11. Aaron10x (DeeJay)
  12. Krost (Ken, Zangief)
  13. Don
  14. Vidness
  15. Gimpy
  16. MiyagiShin
  17. DevilJin
    Quit/DQed: Crowbait, Eric V, DeepThoughts

Great games guys, good seeing everyone again. Nice to meet Combofiend, good games. Good job to Justin, whose reactions are, like, pretty good. Kyle, sorry I keep sending you out of tournaments heh. Phi, Jef, and whoever else in the area, we all gotta get more games going more often.

Had a great time at the lockin, great time at the tournament. Sorry I couldn’t make it to IHOP, had to get to the metro before it closed. Thanks for driving me, Eric.

mmmmmmm…phooooo so good

i went home and got on xbox live and subscribed and downloaded all the extra songs…i think im $160 into it already. =X but the game is WAY TOO GOOD!!!

wanna say thanks to everyone that showed up and made MADhouse a pretty rounded out tournament. no smash made this tournament a lot more lively, and a lot of people showed up out of retirement, like <3 graham. combofiend makes CVS2 actually look good. screw all you boring people and your poke spams!

sorry justin, but you showed up too late! shoulda came earlier, i would’ve taken you to get a bowl :smiley:

Seems my avatar still doesn’t help with the spelling of my handle >_>…Just kidding.

Anyways, good games everyone–this C3 was really nice–I would only hope the rest could be something like this, but I know the Smash people will be back next time. Nothing against them but, it was really nice just seeing 2-D fighting games having more space to use.

Despite having to fight Justin Wong first round in CVS2–it was still fun! Somebody’s gotta fight him lol. I wish i did a little better but its all about learning.

Pho+advil= gdlk

cows are god tier when they are dead.

any vids from the first place winner? Anji and zappa?!?

I dont think anyone recorded anything for GG.

Nice seeing everyone, I wish I didnt have to work during singles though
I had a lot of fun either way though. Nice meeting some NC guys but not getting to play any of them. I was looking forward to 6H comboing you guys
Nice meeting NY and NJ crew (dont know if i can make it over next weekend but we will see), nice meeting Jammie and Damian again, nice meeting Combo fiend (that guy gots defence), and nice meeting everyone else.

Hey everyone, very nice seeing you guys again. If you didn’t know…I’m back. Looking forward to playing you guys in future tourneys.

Roski I’m gunning for your makoto…I totally forgot how to play against her. Goodshit nonetheless.

good shit roski!

Full CvS2 Results

  1. Justin (C-Vega/Chun/Sagat, A-Vega/Blanka/Sak): loses to nobody
  2. Sanford (C-Ken or Cammy or Blanka/Chun/Sagat): loses to Rugal B, Justin Wong
  3. COMBO FIEND (K-Ken/Rolento or Sagat/Cammy, A-Akuma/Vega/Rolento): loses to Justin, Sanford
  4. Rugal B (A-Bison/Sak/Blanka): loses to Justin, Sanford
  5. Steve H (P-Blanka/Cammy/Sagat): loses to COMBO, Sanford
  6. Skisonic (A-Rolento or Maki/Hibiki/Blanka): loses to Joe-kun, Rugal B.
  7. Evil Elvis (A-Ken/Sagat/Sak, K-Ken/Sagat/Cammy): loses to Rugal B., Skisonic
  8. Joe-kun (P-Kyo/Sagat/Cammy): loses to COMBO, Sanford
  9. Sie Clayton (K-Geese/Cammy/Sagat): loses to B-More Chun, Evil Elvis
  10. Havoc (A-Iori/Hibiki/Bison, N-Blanka/Vice/Chun): loses to Justin, Skisonic
  11. Baltimore Chun (C-Vega/Sagat/Blanka): loses to Steve H, Sanford
  12. Nokato (A-Iori/Kyo/Sak, A-Kyo/Sak/Rolento, C-Ken/Sak/Sagat): loses to Justin, Joe-kun
  13. Eric V (??): loses to Steve H, Sie Clayton
  14. Yourmaster (A-Vega/Bison/Blanka): loses to Rugal B., Skisonic
  15. Flashfire (??): loses to Skisonic, Sanford
  16. Cheesemaster (C-Ryu/Ken/Sagat): loses to Havoc, Nokato
  17. No D (C-Maki/Gief/Rock, A-Honda/Sagat/Vega): loses to Havoc, Sie Clayton
  18. LUD (weird-ass teams with Yuri, Mai, Ryo, etc.): loses to COMBO, Sanford
  19. Majors (??): loses to Evil Elvis, Flashfire
  20. Crowbait (??): loses to Sie Clayton, Cheesemaster
  21. BChan (K-Blanka/Sagat/Cammy): loses to B-More, Crowbait

Feel free to point out corrections, and fill in the “??”'s.

EDIT- Initial vids will be up soon. Almost everything noteworthy got recorded, so we’ll get vids up soon.

Hey Phi, are you JetPhi?

He is.

I think the /?/ for was C-Sak. I think I also played A-Kyo/Sak/Rolento (alt) also.

It’s like I don’t know you anymore, David…

You’re dead to me, DEAD I SAY!

GS to all the people who came out, wish I could have been there. Did IraqPat make it?

Heh yeah yeah. I used Honda and Gief to get to the finals, used Honda twice against Justin’s O Sagat, lost, and then switched to Claw for the final two games. Didn’t help! Most of the individual rounds were close, but in the end I only took a couple rounds out of the 4 games.

good shit team hate mad sry we couldn’t get down their

sorry havoc i tried… but bailed rides sucked

good shit to all the placers… i will definetely hit up the next C3…