Madcats SC5 TE installed PS360+ on PS3 version, need help with button wiring/mapping



Firstly I’ve searched the forums and couldn’t really find what I was looking for. I bought an akishop PS360+ to install on this stick and came across a few issues. I cannot get the button wiring down as the labeling on the PCB which has symbols as to which button the wire is doesn’t seem to be correct. Also from watching other videos and tutorials the ribbon cable is both gray and in 6 wires, I kept note as to which were ground but on the left side I’m not so sure which one would be ground/buttons. Does anyone who does have this stick know the wiring and can help out?

Also I failed to take note on to which of the colored wires go to each button since I’ve replaced the stock ones, so could there be something going wrong if the colored wires don’t match up to how they were previously?

Thanks for any help!


if you look at the terminal strip it has the button labels on it in between the wires