Madcatz 360 pcb diagram help

So ive googled different search material and end up with dead srk links. I have a madcatz pcb that says its a 2009 and a #4716. I found a diagram for the 4716 late version but its a bit different. Can anyone direct me to the right diagram plz. Noob attempting my first dual mod on a t5 stick

If you have a multimeter (which you should make an attempt to get if you’re going to be modding), you can easily figure out which one is which by holding one testing pin to the ground on the USB while testing the pads to see which one is ground and which one will be your signal. It should also be noted you need a hex inverter or a chimp if you plan on using those triggers

If you really need it, the thread is in the introduction thread

here is your link

Yeah, a multimeter would be cool but im trying to do this mod with spending the least amount as possible. I guess ill get one if i have to trouble shoot. Thanks for the link. I plan to just keep it 6 button with the r/l buttons.
Also, which color wire would be the 5.5v on this? THanks

I can’t even tell what picture you’re posting DEZALB.
If you’re referring to the 4716, its that point on the board has a square around it saying USB.
If you’re referring to the T5, its the red wire (most likely), but use a multimeter to test. Its pin 5 according to

Don’t forget you also have to link the ground as well as the power

i was trying to post a pic from the link you posted lol
Ok, thats the last thing i needed to know. Yeah, i basically have read whats all involved with this particular dual mod. I just needed help on acouple specifics. Yeah the powers and the grounds will be soldered together, Also im removing the plastic pieces that cover the triggers. But i plan to hook the controller up to my computer make sure the inputs are 0 for both and hot gluing them in place. Shouldnt be a problem, right?
thanks for your help