Madcatz 360 Round 2 TE Issues

I bought my R2 fight stick about 4 months ago and since then it’s been great but the other day when I went to play I turned on my 360 and the stick wouldn’t sync up but the XMB button lights up it just wont pick a controller number. I havn’t dropped it or anything I take very good care of it I have 4 other sticks that work fine but this one just wont connect. I was wondering if this is common and if there is a solution to this problem.

I don’t own a Fight Stick personally, but I would assume the stick(if wireless) has a connect button to sync up with the 360. Press the Connect button on the 360(Next to the Memory Unit B port) and hold the connect button on the stick and they should sync up.

Have you booted the 360 with it plugged in? Like turn it off and see if you can get it to turn on via the stick.

I can turn the 360 on with it but when the lights flash on the stick they flicker and just turn on and off and don’t pick a controller slot.