Madcatz 360 SE & PS3 TE Transplant?

because doing a dual mod with a ps3 stick is harder then doing a 360 stick, i wanted to find out if it was possible to transplant the needed things from a 360 se to a te stick and vice versa,

would this be possible?

as they both look the same as in quick disconnects, turbo function etc.??

ps i do not need the headphone function as i hate anything over my ears.
so i would not need ot cut out a section on the te to allow a headphone prot.

saves me the work also.

any one know if this is possible and if so, what would i need to swap?

any 1?

I’m no expert in modding by any means but I’m pretty sure that all you’d have to do is switch out the PCB with the home/guide and turbo buttons on each one. That’s assuming that the boards are the same size.

i have done this. The S.E. and T.E.of the ps3 and 360 have the same internal parts except for the buttons and the joystick. BUT!!! you can freely change them on the standard edition without having to mood anything. On the Tournament edition you can change the parts from the 360 to the ps3 also without any problem on the other hand if you want to place the PS3 hardware (pcb where the home and turbo buttons are) you will have to make a hole on the top of the usb cable storage case because it will not fit properly. hope it helps you

Now only if MadCatz sold replacement pcbs or someone can mod one of those Cthulus to use the same cable connectors as the MadCatz sticks. I honestly do not want solder if I know nothing about the process. Sorry about my spelling but I am on my iPod Touch now.

So I can take the PCB and guide/turbo panel and it will mount in a PS3 TE with no trouble? It fits and looks stock?

i also want ot find out more info on this.

can some one with both the TE and se see if this mod is possible?

would be a real help.

It’s doable, but it does require soldering + a DPDT switch or one of Toodles’ Imp boards. Plenty of tutorials floating around to tell you how to do so, all of which thoroughly explain the process.

Honestly, wouldn’t taking the guide/turbo panel out be a little extraneous? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the panels are one in the same as far as circuitry; they are just in place to complete circuits leading to the PCBs, so if you just plugged the harness from the panel into the corresponding place on a 360/PS3 fightstick PCB, it should still work fine.