Madcatz 360 TE Dual Modding w/ Toodles Cthulhu PS3/PC PCB

i’ve been searching throughout this forum and google and haven’t come up with anything solid.
what i’m looking to do is to dual mod my 360 te stick with toodles cthulhu ps3/pcb board.

though i have not received my board, i’m just taking the necessary precautions and preparing myself up for this task.

google brought this up:

though it’s padhacking and it seems like the same principles would be applied, i just don’t want screw anything up.

closest thing i could find on this forum was this:

but majority of the discussion there is about padhacking

then i stumbled upon shinjn’s youtube channel
though it seemed promising at the time, it is incomplete.

are there any tutorials or write-ups pertaining to dual modding a 360 te?

your help will greatly be appreciated.


this is it yo… even though its in a SE and bomberman is using a MC Cthulu and an Imp… its really all the same thing… Faux has pictures of his modded TE using this tutorial in there and I plan on using this whenever i get to ordering my cthulu and imp boards…

the board is very easy to assemble following his instructables guide, took maybe 20 minutes for me? Actually I don’t know if you bought a premade one or not, but if you did even easier. The TE board should have the USB VCC labled and you can use any ground. After that just route all the button wires to the strip.

to dual mod you just get a DPST switch from radio shack ($3?) and hook up the D- D+ wires to it. Put the usb cables green and white wires in the middle and the others on either side of the switch.

thanks for your replies!

For the searchers:

Bomberman’s thread is here: