Madcatz 360 TE PCB Issue - Guide Button Not Working (Fixed)


Update: Finally fixed it! C31 was blackened so much that I could see the little sliver of solder shorting the connection.

Here is a little background on my issue. I recently installed a MC Cthulhu and IMP switch into my Madcatz 360 Tournament Edition Stick and I immediately ran into an issue: **My home/guide button wasn’t working **and my MC Cthulhu was using Start+Select to access the Home menu. I thought it was an issue with MC Cthulhu or IMP, so after hours of blindly screwing around, I finally decided to just rip them out and go back to just the 360 PCB. The issue remains, so I’m almost positive its an issue with the 360 PCB.

I’ve checked the voltage of the “XGUILD” point on the turbo board as well as the main board and both return 0, so it must be grounded at some point its not supposed to be. This makes a little sense to me, because at the point that I turn it on, it immediately acts like the button is always pressed and I am prompted with the Turn Off Controler/Console screen (this only happens once though on start up).

I’ve also noticed that when I connect the board to my PC, the LS and RS no longer show up in the joypad management screen, but they work just fine on my 360 so its not any issue for me, but it may be related.

I haven’t found any glaring errors, but I’m also not very sure at where I should be looking either. If anyone could list a few of the possible points of error, I’d be extremely appreciative.


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you should PM Toodles or bomberman about this problem, or post something on their many guides of Cthulhu boards.They surely will help you


This might seem a little to obvious but just make sure you didnt bridge the disable home points on the cthulu and also another thing on the imp itself do not connect the start and select wires if you just want to use the guide button. Good luck!


did you unlock the lock/unlock switch?


I’ll give it a shot again. I haven’t followed up with Toodles once I found out it had nothing to do with the Imp or Cthulhu.

I checked both the DISABLE_HOME jumper pads and the unlabeled IMP jumper pads and they are definitely not connected. Also, the problem occurs when the IMP and Cthulhu aren’t even connected to the 360 PCB, so I’m pretty sure they aren’t part of the problem.

Yes I have and the turbo functions fine, so I don’t think that itself is the problem. It just seems like the guide button is always grounded, but I have no idea where I need to look for possible problem spots because the layout is a little complicated to follow.

Still looking for help, but thanks for the suggestions!


Let’s not PM for troubleshooting problems. It should be posted in a relevant thread, which it was when I told him he needed to find the short and fix it.

No one can give a better answer than as already been given. You know the problem; somewhere, the line for Guide and the line for Ground are connected. That can occur at any of the pcb’s in your stick that ground and guide go to.
Break it up into pieces. If guide is connected to ground, it has to be at one or more spots. So break it up into pieces so you can test each piece. You should be able to quickly reduce the location to a single board that way.


I understand the problem, you’ve made that really clear and I truly appreciate all the help and advice you’ve offered, especially since the problem isn’t with either of your boards.

The problem I’m having now is locating the actual short. I’ve narrowed it down to the board, the 360 TE PCB, but since I don’t understand the layout of the PCB I’m not sure which points I should be looking at that are immediately involved with XGUILD/Guide, even more so once you throw in the turbo PCB. Thats what I’m looking for insight on. I’ll give it another look over and see if I find anything. Thanks again for your help.