Madcatz 3rd Party Xbox360 Controller

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience using the PCB off of the Madcatz branded Xbox360 wired controller. Its 15$ cheaper than the Microsoft one, and anywhere I can cut costs is going to be useful. has it in its favorite ingredients list, but I was wondering if I might be better off using the Microsoft one. Is there going to be much of a difference?

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Also, the search function is broken for me; it’s telling me I need to wait a ridiculous amount of time (years) before I can use the search function again. I’m sure this would easily come up in a search ><.

Later (current) models are common-ground, so you only need to worry about having 1 ground wire.

Also, of note but I found a newer model PCB in one of my new pads – it’s very similar to the 4716 (late) PCB diagram on slagcoin, but some of the signals have changed positions - you’ll see it when you open it up.

Ok sounds good; thanks for the info. The black market for these sticks is ridiculous >< and’s projected shipment for another wave of fightsticks isn’t until May. I guess it’s a good stimulus to get into building my own stuff.

I just finished modding my pad… and it wasn’t that big a deal. There are a few things I’d do differently if I had to do it all over again, and my turtle beach headset doesn’t work while the standard xbox one does.

When you remove the keypad plate, you might want to cut the wires that connect it to the main board, but I wouldn’t. If you separate them and solder your wires to those, it’s a hell of a lot easer than going blind trying to make sure you don’t short the connections by soldering directly on the board.