Madcatz 4716 Signals are unresponsive. Help?


I seem to have a problem after dual modding a madcatz 4716 on a PS3 HRAP3 Pcb with the imp board because the signals on the Madcatz pcb (Buttons B,Y) are constantly on. I desoldered the wires(Buttons B,Y) that were attached to the HRAP3 pcb and tested both of them to see if the signals were affected through my wiring job. The signals are fine on the HRAP and goes on when I activate them, however the two buttons on the 360 pcb mentioned above just automatically goes on without me pressing or activating anything. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe I can elaborate more if someone understands this problem.


Have a multimeter? Maybe you should check if there is continuity between B and Gnd. Then Y and ground.


I don’t at the moment. :frowning:
Well the thing is, I soldered a small dab of rosin core on the signal cleanly without touching the other ground contact. Those two signals just seem to go off even if i don’t activate it. It was working earlier when I finished the project.
Btw, thanks for the vid about that avatar. Didn’t know the kid was speedballing. Crazy junkies.


I’m assuming that this is a grounding issue, however I don’t see any solder between the signal and common ground contact. I desoldered the wires and it still gives me the same issue.




Ain’t nothing going to happen until you get a multimeter.


Argh. I wish I had one. I usually use the pc to test out the signals.


double check your wiring, sounds like you wired the grounds of triangle and o on the hrap pcb direct to the 360 pcb.

the hrap side would work fine because the grounds of those wires only go to the signal of the 360 pcb, where the 360 side is connected straight to the ground of hrap pcb constantly keeping those buttons pressed.

i could be wrong though since i dunno what your wiring looks like. i do the wiring like this so i don’t get confused


maybe pictures could help us help you out better.


Akuma001, thanks for the info but my wires are done the same way you did them. :smiley:
I’ll have pics up tomorrow.