Madcatz Arcade GameStick

It’s on clearance at the Target I go to right now for $20. Has anyone tried using the PCB from this controller and using it for an arcade stick? The prospects of using the PCB for a custom stick and the fact that it comes with $20 worth of XBLA games already (Frogger, Astropop, Time Pilot) makes it seem pretty damn tempting.

This is what the stick looks like.

Its tempting, if anyone wants to buy me one, Ill dissect it :wink:

mad catz stuff sucks hard, best give it some testing for input delay/dropping before deciding to use it in a custom stick

If you want to see internals, here’s a good spot:

It uses the same matrixed buttons, so you still have all of the difficulties of two wires to each button that the original, and most third party pads, have. The bright side is that the pads for soldering to are pretty hugemongous and don’t have the black carbon crap on them.

I still gotta recommend the $30 gamestop pad over these. Details in padhacking thread.