Madcatz available april!


so i am currently whoring the madcatz store website in hopes to find the magically window in which the TE sticks will be available. So i just check and the “available in april” is gone and the “currently in backorder” is what only remains. say it aint so!!! did someone have a chance to order one in the brief window of availablity or is it a weird madcatz anomaly.


I’m assuming there would be a thread up if they had any.

I’m still holding that it’ll be probably another week or so.


im waiting to, but who know with madcatz…


imo madcatz is garbage


It was an april fool’s.


I’ve seen TE’s in stores in Northern California, so they’re out there.


Where have you seen them? I’ve been looking and calling around with no luck.


It’s said Available in April for at least three weeks now. I check up on it regularly.


You can close the thread now. Madcatz dont let me down even more then you already have, hurry and release those sticks


that’s soooo weak on MadCatz.
they’ve advertised available in April for weeks and now that April’s here, they’ve definitely dropped the ball.
who knows how long it’ll be before any of these sticks ever get made by them, if ever.