Madcatz Brawl Stick Modded for N64 ($45 Shipped) and Hori Fightstick modded for Wii. - ($45 Shipped)

Selling my Madcatz stick that was modded for the N64 to be used with Killer Instinct Gold. -$45 shipped
If you want to add your own pcb then I can do that for -$55 shipped but you provide your own controller.
This stick was modded with a circular restrictor.

The Hori stick was modded so that I could play Tatsunoko vs Capcom. This can be used with the Wii and Wii U. -$45
The Buttons are Seimetsue and the bat stick has an 8 directional restrictor.

A trade for Mortal Kombat X or Rocksmith 2014 for the Xbox One can be considered.

Wow, you don’t often see a stick modded for the n64.

Price has been reduced.

Accepting trades. I would accept Star Wars Battlefront or Farcry 4(Gold Ed) for Xbox One only.