Madcatz brawlstick 29.99 @ GAMESTOP

The madcatz brawl stick is only 29.99 at gamestop. it is oos online but it is 29.99 in store as well and you can use in store pick up. I hope to share this with the fighting game community and not eBay hoarders.



I apologize if this is in the wrong forum and please feel free to delete or move it!

There’s a thread called the free stuff and hot deals thread. You should post this there.

ah thank you good sir.

Well fck me. Ive bought out all the brawlsticks in my neighboring cities months ago @ $60 each.

Thanks, will see if I can snag another spare tomorrow for my brother / nephew. Can’t beat it at that price.

sick post.

Thanks for the heads up Ding-Dong! I saw this thread and then went out and bought one of the Brawl sticks for 29.99. That’s cheap!

Just picked mine up today too. Good deal

Same lol

[FONT=Helvetica]The pcb in the SE is the same as the one in the TE right? So would it be a good idea to snag one of these and like a kitty for a super easy DYI dual mod?[/FONT]

picked mine up,gonna see if the mall gamestops have any extras for my LHI boys. thanks again for shaing this info

The 360 SE pcb is the exact same as the ones in the TE (pre TE-S). The pcb in the 360 Brawlstick is not exactly the same as the TE/SE. There’s minor differences to the board so the kitty won’t connect to it without some wire hackery done with the ribbon connectors.

I asked phreak when I got mine and he said kitty won’t work, toodles’ ChImps do though

Thanks for the heads up. I picked up 2.


Makes for a rad 2p stick, thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for the heads up. I immediately called and picked up the last one they had in stock. :slight_smile:

Would love to see this price in Canada. Would almost be as nice as the Hori T5 clearance a few years back!

I bought one just to replace the faulty PCB in one of my extra TE sticks.

Well, apparently when you post something like this there, nobody notices it.

still not in canada…