Madcatz BrawlStick Plexis


Just wondering if there is anyone out there that is manufacturing plexis for the Madcatz BrawlStick. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


No. Everybody that has tried could not get the acrylic panel to bend and conform to that shape. Get a polycarbonate adhesive panel print from


What specific link on that site has the polycarbonate adhesive panel print? It’s not immediately obvious.


here you go.


Oh, it was that one. I thought there was a specific link to “polycarbonate adhesive panel print” on that site.


Will bookmark this for sure.


Holy barnacles that’s expensive as hell. I would need to see some SRK testimonies before I spent that on a artwork for any stick


I simply printed the cover art with my printer, lami labeled it (is it correct to write this way?), then I used spray glue to attach it to the brawlstick. Worked great - and paid it just 1,50 €.


Use 3M DiNoc. Looks classy as hell, easy to apply and lasts forever.


I just remembered:

For anyone who used the above link, what settings on that site do you select for Size, Height & Width, and CPO Type for the Madcatz SE?