Madcatz Collector Edition Restrictor Plate

i Have the regular Madcatz Collector edition stick with Ryu on it and I’m tryin to find a circle gate for my joystick because i cant get a customed to the squareness for my personal character Hakan… I am on a verge to buy a round plate from someone on ebay that is a Sanwa GT-0 Round Plate and was wondering would it be compatible b4 purchasing he only charging me six bucks and i’m honestly thinking about buying it but i need some advice from the fight stick experts.

If its an authentic GT-O, then it’s made for the Sanwa JLW, a rather different stick from the one you have. The one you have is a clone of the Sanwa JLF. I see three options for you:

  1. Buy a GT-Y with replacement restrictor plate:
    Try it out, it’s cheap. If that helps, good. If you still want a circle, then purchase a GT-C from here:
    The GT-C can’t be used with the restrictor plate in your existing stick, so getting that replacement would be required for a circle, and if you’re lucky, the octagon may be close enough for you to not need the GT-C.

  2. Get a new Sanwa JLF:
    and get a GT-C to go into it:
    (You may want to consider picking up a JLF-TE cable as well from that second site, so you are using the proper connectors for hooking everything up. Optional, but recommended if you replace the stick.)
    The authentic Sanwa stick is a higher quality stick, and it may be a good idea to put a good one in since you’ll be digging in the stick anyways.

  3. Replace the existing stick with a Sanwa JLW and purchase that GT-O part. Because you have to do a lot of work to get the wiring working properly, this isn’t recommended.

Disclosure: I make the GT-C and run But I can’t think of any other options than the ones I’ve laid out.

thank you i saw your youtube page but i dont have enough for the gt-c in my card…only have cash on me till tax return ill try the octagonal for now it cheap and i can buy it now. thank you for the response toodles ill try your plate if this doesnt fit my need

  1. Stop riding the gate and learn to do 360s on a square gate. Cheapest option there is.

Disclosure: I am biased towards square gates.

I’m assuming you have a tournament edition since you said collectors edition with ryu as it sounds like a round 2 TE
if that’s the case, then you just need the circle part, not the JLF

it just says sstreet fighter 4collector edition

Option 3: Buy a Seimitsu LS-58-01 and an LS-56 octogonal restrictor.
Though I can’t remember whether the 58 needs a MS or SS mounting plate.

MS. Pick one up through and it comes with one.