Madcatz Common Ground I Need Help


Please forgive me if this thread already exists, I did try looking for an answer to my question before posting.

I am trying to make a fightstick and I don’t understand the exact wiring to take advantage of the common ground in the madcatz pad.

People keep saying a need to wire the ground to a “neutral terminal” but they don’t really say what that is or which wire to solder there. I need someone to spell it out for a dummy cause I’m just not getting it.

If I choose not to take advantage of the common ground can I just wire it normally, meaning two wires connected to the pcb for each button?

Also, the left and right bumpers are different from the other buttons on the controllers. Do I leave the small black buttons installed? Should I wire to the top or bottom of the pad for these?

Thanks for your help!!!

You didn’t even fucking try to find it.

Scroll down and locate your pad here

all of the signals are marked, use any adjacent spot from the signal as your starting point for your daisey chain of the ground wire.

If you have any futher questions I will gladly answer them just be sure to post them in “the pad hacking thread” provided by impossible!