Madcatz EVO Fightstick 2012


Hey MarkMan, I know you just teased the stick, can you advise any details such as price, release date, and if you are going to be selling them on the website?

Thanks in advance.

MadCatz Shipping Delays? (EVO Weekend Order)

They are just Fightstick Pro sticks with different artwork aren’t they?


I have no idea, maybe I missed something? If so my bad


Limited edition sticks that will be given out to all EVO competitors similar to SSF4AE PC last year.

LOL I wish. :frowning:


No concrete info has been released yet on the questions you want answered.


wheres the link to the teaser?


He tweeted the pic.


link to the twitter message?

i googled and found his twitter, but theres no sign of it…


The stick will be limited. It’s only for EVO 2012.

However there will be some available online for purchase. It will be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. More details on it later next week.


lol cool another crazy limited edition stick thats gonna be coming out. just like the femme fatale and SDCC.

i’m really curious to see how this thing is gonna look


When can we expect the details this week MM23?


Nice clear case.


Here’s the 360 one.

And IMHO. This is the rare case where I like how the MS layout/colors look on a stick <3


New white PCBs? Cool. Hope the turbo LEDs got changed to blue instead of the usual red.


White PCB.


how many of each are made?


Three hundred.


okay… I want one…




Pretty, Need to scoop one for sure.