Madcatz Fighsticks PC compability: Xbox 360 vs. PS3

So after a while I bought me a regular madcatz fighstick and modded it to full Sanwa parts.

But it was 360’s and its emulator compatibility is a bit fussy because its recognized as a XBox 360’s via its software instead of just plain old USB controller.

I was wondering, is the PS3 controller easier to run on emulators, because I’m really not patient enough to get the controller going on certain emulators…

I actually find that xbox 360 sticks work best on pc. There is the little issue with triggers when using a 360 pcb though. That can be easily circumvented if you’re using a keyboard padder program like xpadder.

Just get your emulators to read its inputs via keyboard and pad those inputs to your joystick via xpadder.

The Xbox 360 stick will work on any PC. It uses xinput though, so find an xinput controller plugin for your emulator.
The PS3 stick requires you to have an intel chipset or a USB card based on one.

I have 2 PS3 TE’s and neither work on my laptop (waiting on my tri-mod pcb from focus attack). 360 TEs are supposed to work right out of the box.

PS3 Madcatz Fightsticks are picky on PC compatibility. for 360 however you can install drivers without worry. Triggers are a bit of a problem though for some games.

There’s a different PCB on the PS3 Chun TE’s though. They work on any PC, or at least just as compatible as PS3 Hori sticks (plug and play).

Oh I see, well I suppose I will stick to my 360 one then =P

what about Tatsunoko vs. Capcom’s Wii fightstick’s compatibility with PC?

Xbox 360 is generally best for PC compatibility. PS3 TE’s have a problem with many chipsets. However, Chun Li PS3 TE works on all chipsets. It’s a Universal Human Interface Device, so it would also work on any OS, aside from Windows. 360 is restricted to Windows OS only with drivers installed, so Chun Li PS3 TE would be the least picky of all, no drivers needed.

What about the Wii Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, does it work on the PC well? Will it work on a PS3 too?

wii tvc stick has no real usb input so…

It works if you use a converter. It works well enough but I remember not testing it for lag.

Converter used:

That converter would be cool if it didn’t cause any lag. I can’t find anything about if it does or not. At the moment I have 2 360 TE’s to play for pc games but don’t even have an xbox. Hmmm… come to think of it… I have 2 Wii sticks… and no wii…:confused:

Its final, my 360 fightstick is staying. I even bought the two extra Sanwa buttons that I Was missing plus a new ball top and a octagonal limiter.

I also bought one of those saturn usb controllers.

i had no problem what so ever with my PS3 Madcatz SE running on my laptop. The PCB on those sticks suck nuts regardless. Scrap it for something better asap.