Madcatz Fight Pad are they good?

Heyup people of SRK…right before i buy my the madcatz fight pad i wana know whether some ones actually used them for ssf4 and are they good. i also have a few a questions

1: are they long lasting?
2:how long does battery last approx?
3: are the easier then ps3 controller to use and excecute moves?

and last one is the main one is it hard to transfer to fight pad from ps3 pad? as you have 6 buttons in a line rather then the usual 4 also because i have triangle as my focus attach will it be harder for me to press to buttons mp,mk to focus.

ill really appreciate if some one can help

Thanks guys

  1. Not really
  2. Dont know, mine was wired
  3. Its based off of the Sega layout, so I would say yes. But you may not agree.

Its really not worth it to buy a Fightpad from Madcatz, look into Hori.

Also, the next time you have a TECH question, goto TECH talk. This is not the place to talk about controllers

opps my bad… ill post this on TECH forum. Thanks for your input anyway.

Better yet, try searching. There are a ton of threads out there about these pads.