Madcatz Fight Stick Pro or SF x Tekken Fighstick Pro?


I have been lurking these forums for the past couple days, while looking into buying my first fight stick, and I decided to make a post and get an actual opinion. I got the money, but I don’t wanna burn more than I need to, I live down in Peru, which means sticks are gonna be a little overpriced, and shipping is no good (without going through a huge hassle). So, I have narrowed it down to these two sticks:

Madcatz Fight Stick Pro
Street Fighter x Tekken Arcade Fightstick Pro

The only stick I found around the city was the SF X T one, going for 190 bucks, but, I got in contact with an official retailer who said they will have the Fightstick Pro for 150 on the 15th.

I don’t plan on modding, I want it mainly to play on my PS3, but it would be nice if I can use it on PC too, since the PS3 is phasing out due to the gen-change. I want it to be sturdy and to last, since I’m not really all that big into fighting games, but I would really like to just get a fighstick and enjoy it.

What I wanted to ask is, should I wait 10 days and pick up the Fight Stick Pro? Or just pay 40 bucks for the SF X T one? Time is not an issue, but while I have been reading good things all around for the SF x T one, there’s not much info on Fight Stick Pro.


They are both the same except they have different art. If it was me I would wait for the cheaper one.


If that’s the case, then yeah, that’s probably the best call. I have read about compatibility issues with PC, but couldn’t find specifics, any idea what that’s about and how big of a deal those issues are?


They should work just fine for PC.


@Shixax the PC compatibility issues are only with the OLDER Round 1 and Round 2 TE, both are long since been discontinued.


So I contacted the retailer today, and their response was “Sorry, but we don’t have those in stock.” So I waited for nothing. Still: hyped about getting my first fightstick, gonna get the SFxT Pro one. Sweet.