MadCatz Fightpad, any problems with you guys?

Ok, so my girlfriend buys me this fightpad for my birthday and since i dont have a working arcade stick (A button is broke) i decide “why not lets use it”. So after i get the hang of it I can link his BnB’s including Ex upper, cr. lp,, Ex upper, cr.lp, cr. lk, H HB.
However one problem I have adjusting to is the fact I CANNOT do a headbutt to ultra with it, plus my thumbs hurt like crazy when I fail my attempts. I do the left right left right but for some reason it doesnt input, is there a delay on this paticular controller? Or am I just too used to a fightstick?

Any advice (no trollish behaviour please) or tips I can have to help my get this new playstyle into my muscle memory?

Would it have not been easier to get a new button for your stick(depending on what one you have)

Sounds like you might be doing the inputs to early for the ultra

try slowing it down a little

when I used to play SFAlpha3 on the PSP and had a similar problem doing specials, I taped a quarter to the top of the dpad and it helped.
You could try that, or else do the motion as b,f,HCF+3P and see if it’s easier than b,f,b,f+3P.

Had she not have bought me a Fightpad I would have done so, but thanks next time im on il try slowing it down :slight_smile:

Its a different style of d-pad. Its like a joystick with a retarded bottle cap on the tip. In alpha 3 I was fine since he has no headbutt however.

I like the MadCatz Fightpad, though I guess I still prefer a stick since that’s what I’m using these days.

Anyway, I recommend trying the combos in training mode with the input display turned on. This will help iron out any input issues that may be happening. When I switched from pad to stick, I wasn’t getting headbutt to work consistently. Training mode showed that as I would sweep from DB to UB, I’d typically press the punch button before the stick made it to up. This was one move I could actually do faster with a fight pad.

My biggest problem with fight pad came in vanilla SF4. I’d have to be very careful about executing a Dash Upper or I’d end up with a DF diagonal in there and execute a Dash Low Smash. I think that issue is removed from SSF4, so I can’t think of any Balrog moves that would be an issue anymore on a fightpad.

Also, if it matters, I preferred keeping my thumb resting almost entirely on the fightpad’s “joystick” and then I would just mash it this way and that. That may not have worked for other characters, but it worked for me with Balrog.