MadCatz Fightpad owners ... How well can you perform charge moves?

I use the 360’s analog stick and I have no problem whatsoever with performing charge motions (I main Chun). However, my style of play has evolved and I need a 6 button controller but can’t find one with an analog stick.

So I’m willing to try the MadCatz Fightpad depending on how well charge motions can be executed on them.

I also heard that there’s a switch that makes the D.Pad play like an analog nub … But I think that’s just impossible, can someone clear the air for me on that issue too?

Thanks, and sorry for making a new thread (You never know on these forums).

ive had mine for about a month and ive got to say that the fightpad isnt good with charge characters.

I was afraid so but hoping I would be wrong. I don’t think anything beats an analog stick when it comes to directional input.

I really wish I could find a pad with 6 face buttons and an analog stick … I don’t feel like changing config just to use RH Lightning Legs. :wonder:

I have both a pad and a stick and I use a pad now. I can nail the timing of my combos better on it. Oh, and I main Bison, and have no trouble at all with charging. I think it works fine. My opinion though.

Its ok. Hard to pull of Guiles Super and Ultra though.

Fightpad here, all charge moves work well. I can say every move in the game works on command except Zangiefs 360 and 720.
Many people dont like the fightpad for charge chars, I have no idea why…
Maybe adjust how you position your thumb, find the way your thumb feels the most comfortable when using charge chars.

I highly recommend it if you aint Zangief player.

I am a bison user and I love my fightpad, not as good as a stick but when I still use it quite often. Hell since I moved Ive yet to dig my stick out, the fight pad is good enough.

Before I moved to stick, I used a fightpad and played Boxer. More than 95% of the time I got what I wanted. I never had a problem with charge characters on it.

Specials have been no problem but I sometimes end up hitting diagonals on Super / Ultra inputs. For some reason quickly doing :r::l::r: is a lot easier for me than :l::r::l:

Well, I might just try my luck with one.

If it works out, then great for me. And if it doesn’t back to the 360 controller’s analog I guess.

Thanks guys, I just needed some reassurance.

Burned my thumb out on a fightpad myself. If given the choice go stick, when you’re old and worn out your hands will appreciate you more and last longer lol.

The switch just lets you sub for the left or right analog as some games don’t use the dpad - that’s really all it’s for.

They’re do-able, but any pad is far from ideal for charge moves. Since the FightPad is slightly oversized and smooth I’d say it’s better than most.

On my fightpad I get Bison Teleport at least 60% of the time, when I’m shooting for a super. The stick doesn’t give me this problem, so I reach for the stick if I’m feeling the charge characters.