Madcatz Fightpad QQ

If only I was reading the forums a lot more… maybe I would have remembered better or known better…

At PAX, I picked up a Mad Catz Wireless Fightpad for PS3 (Juri) since they were on sale for $20 and I have casual friends who like playing fighting games with pads like this.

Well, out of the box, with brand new AA batteries, the thing drops connection like crazy. Actually, my guess is it drops power like crazy–it just disconnects after like one button press.

So yeah… gotta contact Mad Catz about this, use the warranty or something…


As a side note… If I was buying one of these, I probably should have gotten the 360 one anyways… it’s not like that many people have trouble playing on a PS3 pad… People have major issues with 360 pad (btw, the new Microsoft 360 pad rocks–too bad it will not replace the standard controller and you have to buy it with a plug and play).

Just read somewhere that basically… despite 2.4 GHZ wireless being what they are advertising for this product… it’s an IR device, not RF. Sure, IR is wireless, but… reliance on Line of Sight? Really? This gen? Guess that addresses the lag concerns, but at least wires can go around things like coffee tables and Ikea stands…

update: Just tested it out. That was not the problem. This controller really is a piece of crap…

Yeah I had one of those wireless fightpads, it refused to connect again after like 1 hour of usage. When I called madcatz, they immediately sent me out another wireless dongle without me even sending them a receipt.

However, rather than just waiting for the next dongle to eat shit and die, I returned the madcatz pad for my money back and bought a hori fighting commander 3.

Buy Fighting Commander 3 (black) (PS3?) -

Shits badass. Definitely made for smaller hands, but I’m digging it. It’s got six buttons on the face and shoulder buttons, so having learned on a sixaxis, when I’m under pressure I can plink with the shoulders or the facebuttons depending on what I reach for first in panic mode. I’m definitely loving it.

edit: I actually got mine from this site “japan video games”. But play asia came up first on google, so whatever.

Wireless is finicky (Bluetooth is OK) for controllers, and since most wifi is on 2.4Ghz, you are probably looking at a ton of interference. :\

Nick. Talk to MarkMan, I’m sure he’d be willing to help you up since you could have just gotten a really bad luck pad