MadCatz Fightpad Receiver fix?

Hi, so my receiver/dongle for my fightpad (PS3) has recently stopped working. It just constantly blinks, and because there is probably no way i can mail in for a replacement dongle since i purchased it a while ago, is there anyway i can fix this myself? Is it possible to attach a usb wire manually into the pad? and if so what materials would i need for the process. Thanks

hmmm, pictures?

It’s just the normal Madcatz Fightpad.

Nope, there’s no inherent way to fix it.

You can try to see if madcatz will send you a replacement dongle even out of warranty, they don’t ask for your receipt or anything if they’re just sending you a new receiver. I got a new one when mine was out of warranty, but it turns out the dongle wasn’t the problem…my pad still doesn’t work to this day.

Ah ok, I tried emailing them but no response. Did you have to call?

Yes, call. If you email them it will take like 3 weeks to get a response.