MadCatz Fightpad?

Sorry, I couldn’t find an existing thread on this topic - but does anyone else who uses the MadCatz fightpad find it to be a little off sometimes on this game?? I find that a lot of times, Cammy will do her Cannon Drill instead of her Thrust Kick and vice versa. And getting her super to come out is a pain in the ass at times, too. I don’t have the same problem on SFIV though. Anyone having the same problems??

Interesting. I have similar issues using the regular 360 d-pad in HDR. But that VERY SAME d-pad works fine in IV. I think the input window is much more strict in HDR, and more loose in IV.

i used a fightpad until this week, because the diagonals were starting to wear out - it stopped registering down/back properly which is kind of shit as Dictator :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought a SF4 stick with sanwa bits in it instead, so now I’m just all over the place trying to go from pad to stick. But its great being able to do wake up super every time, and finally being able to do devil reverse using the up-toward command (on a pad i always got a crusher).

sf4 is like riding a bike with training wheels on a moving walkway while hdr is like riding a unicycle on a tight rope while juggling.

Damn, I can’t even do a DP on wake-up in this game…I gotta get me a fightstick. lol