Madcatz Fightstick PS3 version not as good as 360 version

Hey guys.
Have yous noticed in the Madcatz SE fightsticks, that the xbox version seems to be much better quality.

The ps3 one seems to be missing a few things compared to the xbox one. Such as no headphone jack, no break away cable for trip protection, and no light on the home button.

I find especially the no break away cable for trip protection a bit strange… why would they put that on the xbox version and not the ps3 version? its something both fightsticks could have !!!

well the ps3 never had a break away cable headphone jack, nor a wired headphone only bluetooth and a light on their button, 360 controller has all that

The breakaway dongle has been M$ standard since OG xbox.

whats M$ standard? and whats OG xbox?

i dont know all this american slang sorry.

Saying that Microsoft always used Breakaway Cable since the Xbox.
Sony never did.

Dude I’m from Sydney too and even I know that M$ = Microsoft and OG xbox = the first xbox…

I believe that the breakaway cable is trademarked to Microsoft so it can’t be on the PS3 version. PS3 has bluetooth for headset support so no need for headset jack and the standard wireless hand controller for 360s guide button lights up and I guess for consistency so does the guide button on the Fightsticks.

oh right right… thanks for the info !!! coz i got both xbox and ps3 se fightsticks and was just wondering…

excellent =)

Ps3 controllers do not even have a headphone jack nor that their buttons light up when you press the home button on the Dual Shock/Sixaxis . The breakaway cable is patented by Microsoft.

that break away cable doesnt work for shit!! my dog brought down my 360 a few months back, surprisingly the 360 lived for about 2 weeks before it completely red ringed.