MadCatz FightStick recall?

Okay, today is the second time in a week I have been told by a retail store that they have had to ship all their FightSticks back to the manufacturer due to a defect. The first was a GameStop. Since no such thing has come up here on SRK, I chalked it up to typical GS misinformation. However, I just came back from a Fry’s where they actually refused to sell me sticks in-stock because they were going to be packed up and shipped back.

Both stores said the recall was due to “nonresponsive buttons because of the main board”. We’ve had several reports of buttons suddenly ceasing to work here on the forum, so now that I’ve gotten the same story in two places, it’s sounding pretty legit.

MarkMan, please tell us what you can. Is there a PCB issue?

Hmm interesting, first I heard of any recall. I purchased one at Fry’s a couple days ago on my way home from work. I was at another Fry’s earlier in the day also where they had 2 in stock, and both stores told me they started the day with 12 each and all of them sold.

Oh noes – I have a FightStick on the way from Amazon. If this is some kind of general defect with the new batch (that was supposed to have fixed the problem with washers destroying the stick’s PCB) then I’m probably screwed.

Nothing has been posted on the Mad Catz website. Their FAQ was updated two days ago with the information that the next batch of TE sticks is expected in May.

Oh noes!!! Well at least theyre in the process of sending me a new one for mine.

I think its so they can lower the supply even more, then sell em at 200% marked up prices through “fronts” to reap even more ca$h on this debacle.

A friend of mine’s SE recently developed this issue his with Light Punch.
I took a look and I was able to fix it…
I believe the problem is not the pcb or the connection of the clip onto button.

After a little fault finding and tracing I found that the button would press fine without the cap from off the top of the button.

So after pushing the clips either side to pop the button out, and then pushing each hook in and lifting off the top of the button, I took a rizla, ripped it in half screwed up both pieces into small balls and popped them into the well in the centre of the button cap and pushed the button back into itself.

Pushed the button back into the top plate and its worked fine ever since. :wink:
Went from working 20-50% to 100%

Hope this info helps !

Yeah, selling dozens on Ebay and Amazon at twice the price is clearly more profitable than selling thousands everywhere else at normal price.

Why are there always conspiracy theorists at every electronics shortage. The company underestimated demand and is now struggling to ramp up production because of it. Why is it being a master scheme to make eBay profits through a bunch of ‘fronts’ more believable?

My theory is the shortage was by design in order to extend interest in the brand and Street Fighter to make more money in the long run, not to run some extended reseller ‘front’. The idea that all the people selling the stick at 2X MSRP are working for Mad Catz is nutso.

May that sucks. They must not be making that many to begin with. Their April batch sold out in like one day that was ridiculous. I was waiting oh so patiently for that April shipment and found out about them being in stock after I got off work by which time they were completely gone from everywhere.

You know now that I think about it, they probably just told you that so they could buy them after their shift for resale. I wanted another SE and my Gamecrazy actually called and had another store send one over.

EDIT: And that was yesterday

The company as a whole makes money for the chairmen and what not. the reselling through fronts brings quicker bucks to the lowly worker types.
Everythings a conspiracy. I cant wait until Dec 21, 2012.