Madcatz Fightstick Round 2 360 Mod for PS3

Hey everyone,

first of all I did use the search option but I could not find the information that I was looking for. Sometimes the links are dated or they were not what I desired.

My brother gave me his old Street Fighter (Tournament Edition) FightStick Round 2 for Xbox 360 and
I wanted to use it with my Playstation 3 - and maybe my future PS4. I have been looking in post and discussions e.g [toodles](The official Cthulhu and ChImp thread - Try our new Dreamcast flavor!
I found the following PCBs that where proposed:

[] Cerberus: works only for the TE-S
] TEasy Mod: not available anymore
[*] CHIMP: unable to find the PCB ( I considered this tutorial)

I live in Germany and the shipping cost from the US are sometimes the price of a new PCB. Therefore ordering form the US is too pricey. But if there is no
other way I would order it anyways.

I would be glad if someone can provide links to tutorials with PCBS so that I can mod my Street Fighter (Tournament Edition) FightStick Round 2.

I guess you wanted me to find this discussion [here](Need to re-dualmod my stick! help!

if you wanted to use a new usb cable or learn how to solder 4 wires, you can replace the stock pcb with a ps360+ or UFB

hey Vicko, thank you for answer. I think I will check out the ps360+ road