MadCatz Fightstick TE PS3

Asking for a friend here, I was wondering if anyone got their PS3 MadCatz Fightstick TE working for their PC to play some SFIV?

For some reason the Computer see’s that it’s plugged in but it’s not recognizing the button presses which makes me believe it’s drivers.
I went to the website @ to find the driver as I read somewhere that this was the best place for the Madcatz Drivers since they don’t put it on their website anymore.

I couldn’t find the TE Edition driver so I’m not sure which one to download if it was the driver issue.

For some reason my friend telling me he needed to buy some PCI Card to make it work with it which made no sense to me.
Anyone can enlighten me on this topic?


It’s the pcb inside it. The ps3 pcb uses some weird usb protocol that most pc hardware doesn’t detect.
I can’t remember what you need for your pc. Alternatively you could upgrade to a multi console pcb and use a reg usb cable.
Or find a 360 version.

Oh damn. That sucks…
Ok thanks

There no driver fix or Expansion card that make it work, not any more.

Long story short, the older Mad Catz TE PS3 sticks used a intel periptery USB protocol called UHCI.
It only works with older Intel based motherboard chipsets and select VIA chipsets.

UHCI is mostly abandoned and isn’t forwards compatible with any Nvidia, AMD or newer/Modern Intel boards.

You need to bite the bullet and swap out the PCB.

What’s a good PCB? And how much do they usually cost?

Depends on what you want/need out of a pcb system wise.
These are good ones

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Brook Zero pi is $25, supports Xinput mode (occasionally useful to have in some PC games that don’t like direct input) and some older systems. Nice board, but keep in mind you’ll need to buy all the wiring seperately.

Cheapest option is a zero delay board. Comes with all the wiring you’ll need. The cheapest one’s direct input only, but also woks on ps4 with games that have legacy driver support (like SFV). There’s another one for about $20 that has xinput mode as well.

If you want native ps4 support, 360 support, or xbone support, you’re ranging from $40 for an advanced installation ps4/ps3/pc board to $95 for the fullest featured one.