MadCatz FightStick TE Round 2 replacement parts


Sorry if this has been answered before, my forum searching skills have failed me.

I have said stick and the joystick has become a bit faulty, I want to replace the stick inside but I am unsure of the correct details on how to proceed.

Can anyone tell me the correct model code for a joystick replacement part? I heard it was JLF-TP-8YT-SK.

Also can anyone link me a website to where I can purchase the replacement joystick? (In the UK). I have checked Gremlin Solutions but it seems they didn’t have that exact model code.



What exactly is the issue with the stick in the first place?

Also, you can most likely get any JLF permutation (except for the JLF-TM) and you’ll be able to swap it in. Any missing bits can come from the old one.


Also really easy to uninstall the old one and install the new one too. Unscrew the old one, unplug the cable connected to it (remember how it was connected). Screw the new one in (same position as the old one), and plug the cable into the new one.


Ahh thanks for the info!

Well basically the joystick was originally too loose, it wasn’t registering inputs correctly and was just simply annoying as hell to use. So I decided to tweak it with some guide I found, many people had the same issue basically. The goal was to loosen the spring inside the joystick, making it more stiff and tight. While this idea worked because it was significantly nicer to use, it now sometimes gets stuck in various positions for very short times, screwing up my gameplay.
So basically after too much fiddling I’ve kind of messed it up and just want it replaced, which is a shame really because all it needs is a bloody spring and I may have to spend £20+ on it.

Thanks for the link, but I’m hoping if anyone knows a UK site? I’m not really interested in waiting a few weeks shipping time, possibly paying extra on customs etc.