Madcatz Fightstick TE Touchup/Repair


Well, I got my fightstick dual modded and ready to go. Unfortunately, the dog didn’t think twice about chewing on the USB cable! Then, while the wife was looking over the cable damage, she dropped a knife on the corner of the stick.

This is the truth… and it sucks.

What would be the best way to replace or repair the USB cable? I don’t think Madcats will put one in a box and send it out.

Also, what would be the best way to repair the pit on the top corner of the stick. It looks about the size of a hole from an ice pick. It is located in top right portion of the stick on the black molding.

Thanks in advance!

See if you can send in your dog/wife to madcatz for upgrade/warranty replacement.

owned, err ouch:wasted:

I would but the shipping costs would kill me. Seriously, I think I will just do the RS-232 mod to take care of the USB situation.

The main concern is the touchup to the plastic case.

Depending on where it is I would use bondo it works well on plastic or If the crack bad enough you can always reinforce it with fiberglass from the underside.

I’d still just try asking madcatz for one. The shipped out a part for my friends TE with no questions asked. (Well maybe a few)

lol ask madcatz for a replacement case, this was no fault of madcatz how you gonna try and put the blame on them when someone stabbed the case of the te, ask them for another case , you my friend have just spouted the most ridiculous thing i’ve read today.

warranty does not include accidental damage only insurance will cover that and i highly doubt you got insurance on it , this is a self repair job since when does the warranty include stab wounds or cable chewed by dog?

Oh I meant for the cable. Just ask them and explain to them what happened. If nothing else they may be willing to sell you a replacement.

I’d give MadCatz a call and just ask for suggestions – they seem really willing to help out.

Anyone have any random “please reconnect controller” issues with their 360 TE? I called MadCatz and they seem to think its a faulty quick release USB cord (the one at the very tip). It’s acting up like someone keeps unplugging the stick and plugging it right back in. Every 45 minutes or so but random.

just open up the stick, buy a usb cord, cut the end off and solder to the switch/board that the old one was soldered too.