MadCatz Fightstick V.S.?


I was looking at the new MadCatz bags on and came across this for the description of the messenger bag.

Custom crafted to store, transport and protect Mad Catz Arcade FightSticks™ - works great with the FightStick, FightStick: Tournament Edition, FightStick: Tournament Edition ‘S’, FightStick PRO, & FightStick V.S.

[SIZE=15px][FONT=Helvetica][COLOR=#141414]Is the FightStick V.S. some unannounced stick? They are advertising the bag for the PRO as well and that isn’t even out yet.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]


Fightstick V.S?

I’d laugh it stood for ‘Vampire Savior’

Sounds like someone slipped up at gameshark. Nice find.


You may be on to something! I have no doubt that there is another stick by Madcatz in the pipeline, and now we know the name. Good detective work!


I was wondering if it was going to be a competitor to the Hori VLX. Not sure, because it has to be small enough to fit in the bag which means it at most is the same size as the TE.


I doubt they will make a stick that big. My assumption is that it is a step down from the pro and replaces the old SE stick.


I thought the PRO was supposed to be below the TE, and that they might produce a higher quality stick to compete with the VLX. I think in the FightStick PRO thread they were saying that the stick felt cheaper and was all plastic.


Well, if they did, it would probably not fit in that bag, right?

Regardless, we need Markman to chime in for real confirmation and I think he is keeping information on a new stick under wraps.

You still get major points for noticing that there is a stick coming out called the “V.S” though, BabyAl.


As long as it’s not as ugly as their MLG stick, I’m okay with it.


MLG stick? What is that?


Well, Mark did promise a surprise sometime soon.



At least we know the sales of Arcade Sticks to 8 year olds will go up! XD (I kid, I kid)


Man, I never knew they made that MLG stick. It kinda sucks that the sides are different colors. Even if you got rid of the top plate you’d still have to deal with painting the sides.


Not going to chime in on the other stuff. But trust me, the MLG stick looks better than those stock photos.


The PS3 doesn’t look too bad, the different coloured sides at least match the MLG logo. But the 360 version looks like a clown’s face fell on the stick.


You guys should know, Microsoft standard button colors apply / are enforced.


Selectively enforced. The same exact time they made Madcatz switch to the colored buttons, Microsoft themselves launched a silver controller with silver buttons.

Not that it matters on Shoryuken. We like to customize our fight sticks. :slight_smile:


Booo … I guess we have to wait to find out what the FightStick V.S. is.


I was excited, because a V.S. would imply a Two player Arcade stick, but then realized that a VS would have to be able to fit in that stick bag.


Maybe it has a 2nd set of controls on the bottom.