Madcatz Fightstick Versus Series SH


There was quite a bit of hype about this stick during the summer of 12 but 2 years later and nothing. Did I miss a news memo? Is this stick ever coming? If not can you guys recommend me another silent stick, I’m not into the whole modding thing.


Pretty sure it was a Japanese exclusive.

Shame cuz I’d love to get one.


Madcatz sold them during evo last year. From what I remember they started selling them fri. and by sun. they were sold out. That was the only time that they were available in the U.S. It was a very limited run, other than that you had to import it from Japan using a third party japanese mailing service like Tenso. Changing out the buttons and stick in the regular vs. to silent parts is very straight forward though especially with the new version of the silent jlf that got released this year with the 5-pin wiring harness. The same goes for all stock Sanwa equipped arcade sticks.


I still can find some here in Japan, but they are going for 20000 yen or more. Would love to get one, but I’ll just wait for the new TE2 for PS3/4