Madcatz/Gamestop presents SSFIV midnight launch madness tournament! bellflower, CA

Gamestop/Madcatz is bringing in the release of SSFIV in with a bang, giving you a launch party like none other being held the night of the 26th going into the 27th at the Gamestop in Bellflower, CA. We’re gonna give you a chance to play the game against the best of the best that Southern California has to offer, as well as a chance to win a copy of Super, Madcatz TE sticks and more sweet swag in a FREE tournament.

The Gamestop on Rosecrans and Belllflower BLVD. (14303 Bellflower Boulevard, Bellflower, CA, 90706) The line will start at 8 pm and the doors will open promptly at 10 pm. I ask that if you do participate in the tournament, to show up by 9 pm, that way we can finish the brackets and start the tournament as soon as we open. We will start selling the game at 12:01 AM.

Tournament Rules

I will be hosting a free SSFIV tournament for those that pick the game up that night with us. The deadline for registration will be April 26 8PM to preorder and pay off the game. If you do participate in the tournament, you wont be able to cancel your reservation.

The tournament format will be single elimination 2/3 rounds 2/3 matches. The tournament will be played on both 360 and ps3. The TVs will be Acer/Asus monitors brought to you by John from AGLA. We ask that you bring your own controller but there will be a few TE sticks available for use on 360.

The winner of the tournament will receive a free copy of the game and a first to 20 wins session with Alex Valle over Xbox live or PSN

:smile: Alex will NOT be entering the tournament.

**Free Raffle Event! HUGE GIVEAWAYS! **

Thanks to your friends at Madcatz, they are graciously donating free swag for the community that will be raffled off! Prizes include S-series TE sticks , Super Edition Fight Pads, and so much more!!!

Free Beat A Pro Event

The Beat A Pro event will be 2/3 rounds and 2/3 matches. The first three to beat Alex Valle from Level Up Series will receive fight sticks/fight pads. We will have a line for those that want to participate, just have your preorder receipt in hand when you get in front, I will mark your receipt and you’ll play. Once everybody has a chance to play we’ll start it up again. At this time its to my knowledge that this event will run for about an hour to an hour and a half.

Here Comes a New Challenger

Justin “Marvelous” Wong will be attending as our second guest of honor! He will be playing but will not be apart of the Beat A Pro event.

Keep watching this post for up to the date information as a few things will probably be changing throughout the weekend.

For more info or If you are interested please post here, or PM myself and i will get back to you asap.

is there a fee to play valle?

reserving this spot for updates

I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from a lot people and I want to first and foremost thank you all, but there are a few of you that are thinking this as a tournament with a 40 dollar entry fee… instead think of this as a way to get the game as early as possible while at a free tournament with a chance to get your copy for free, all while your hanging out with some of SoCal’s finest.

more special guest appearances to be announced so stay tuned!

This event will be bigger than what you guys think.

More details coming soon! =)

Awesome I literally live 2 minutes from that gamestop. I might check it out. I won’t buy anything since I already got it via amazon haha.

It would be awesome if you made it! Be sure to let your friends know as well, especially if they haven’t found a place where they want to buy the game yet! This will be HYPE!

Sick, Mad Catz is supporting this event.

MarkMan’s birthday is on the 26th :wink:

I might make this.

Im a little confused on the formats for the tournament and “beat a pro” session.

I will supportz, will supportz! Be therez or b squaredz. :slight_smile:

simply the format for the tournament is 2 out of 3 rounds/2 out of 3 matches like your average tournament, but to save time it will only be single elimination.
same thing with the beat a pro, 2 out of 3 rounds/2 out of 3 matches.

did you mean something else? if you mean how do you enter said events, all you have to do is have a paid off preorder at my store in bellflower before my store closes that day. My store closes at 8 and we open back up at 10 pm.

EDIT: See the first post for up to the date, revised info.

I’m totally there, guess I’ll move my preorder from my local gamestop to this one

yeah thats what i meant, thx

count me in for the tournament then

This is practically a stone’s throw from my house. I will attend this, no matter what, dammit!

If you already have the game reserved and paid off at one Gamestop, do you guys know if you can have them switch it to a different Gamestop or if you can pick it up at a different one?

Alright guys, we have reached our one week countdown! Be sure to get those preorders in! I just got word from my DM that this is the ONLY Gamestop in SoCal doing a midnight launch so this will be the BIGGEST Gamestop launch for street fighter in the region! LETS GET HYPE!

Wait, what? How lame is that. In the entire country?

This sounds fun, ever though I might get the game elsewhere. I shall spectate/waste space.


My store is doing one too. #1656. Tell your DM to talk to Tim Mears in Ohio about that one.

Good try tho! :coffee:

My bad! I will correct said information, I was ill informed. :frowning:

In other news Justin Wong will be our 2nd pro for Beat A Pro!!

haha its all good. We did just get a final confirmation yesterday, so when you were told, it might have been true.