MadCatz has a monopoly.....on selling MadCatz manufactured sticks

Really 150.00 bucks is really really really expensive for most. I am a fan and all (and bought the TE stick) but not everyone can afford 150 bucks for an arcade stick.

Seems to me that the stick should be no more than 100 bucks. The SF ann stick was like 60-70 bucks and that worked fine.

I know some pay 150 bucks for a custom joystick; however, you can not compare a mass-produced product to a hand-made one (hand made is more expensive).

It seems like they are charging that price because the figure people like me will pay.


Was there a reason to make a thread because of how upset you are at Madcatz for making a quality product…

You get what you pay for. That’s why they’re also making an $80 version ($70 for PS3.) I don’t think it’s high enough to complain about.

Yeah… you’re paying for the license a little bit, but you’re getting arcade quality construction and parts. That’s worth the money to a serious player. Nobody said anyone had to buy the TE over the standard (which is still a decent stick from what I’ve read at a lower price). Reality is… it’s for the hardcore and the collectors, and to them… the TE is absolutely worth the price.

Stick production is a business… business is about making money… $150 for it doesn’t bug me at all.

another day… another useless thread. in b4 close

you should really search before you make a random post about a stick that is well worth over 150 being a rip off.

I am not upset at all; trust me, I can afford the stick and purchased it. However, 150.00 bucks is a bit much for a mass-produced product. If you think the price is fair, fine.

How will you feel if the sticks drop to 100 bucks in a few months? If you don’t think it can happen, see the appple IPhone (which I bought full price for 500 bucks) which was dropped a significant amount months after its release.

This is meant to be a constructive business discussion; thanks.

+1. I’m definitely getting a quality product that, considering it’s specifications, deserves more than the $150 price tag. It’s a pretty great deal from Madcatz IMO.

Thank you Markman!

its most likely going to go up…

Thank you!

But yea… if you don’t think it is worth $150 to you, just don’t buy it.

Simple as that.

This is not random, @ 150 bucks in this economy, you are getting ripped off. Why else do you think they only made 3000? Because the executives @ Madcatz did not think they would sell them. If they knew they would sell 6000+, they would have made 10,000 and made more profit because of the bulk order.

Trust me, these sticks are made in China and they have a huge markup.

hmm… 150 is a pretty good deal for an arcade stick, not too sure what you are complaining here.

my current going custom goes to roughly 240-250 including all parts and such…
is yes, 150 dollar is pretty cheap

ever occur to you that mad catz only makes 3000 of them simply because IT DOESN"T MAKE MUCH MONEY for them?

have you ever look at how much money does part cost?
also the cost of creating PCB, design case, modeling, producing, shipping, do you really think they are making a lot of money from this?

dude seriously, how old are you, looks like you don’t know how the real world works at all

You can not compare a custom-made stick (one at a time) to a mass-produced product (1000s at a time). Also, labor in China is pretty inexpensive.

Even if it is the best arcade stick known to man-kind, 150 bucks is really expensive for a joy-stick made in China.

I don’t care what parts they use; unless there is gold in there, 150 bucks is expensive.

You’ve come to bitch about the price…don’t deny it.

The SFAC stick didn’t have the following:
-Genuine Sanwa arcade joysticks and buttons, the same ones found on official Street fighter 4 arcade cabinets in Japan
-Larger and heavier base (heavier than an HRAP)
-Other neat things like a compartment in the back for storing the cable, a switch which disables the pause and guide buttons

The SFAC did not have those parts…nor were they made for X360 and PS3, and apparently the TE stick and Reg SF4 stick have metal casing, while the SFAC stick was what…wood?

Like Markman said, if you think it’s too much…don’t buy it.

Look, after the press release they made, the only business reason to not make more is:

Economy is bad and 150 bucks is a lot of money. Do you guys read the newspaper or Wall Street Journal? Trust me if MadCatz knew they could sell 6000 pre-orders, they would order more to meet the demand. Waiting means they lose sales. I am not going to tell you how old I am, but I can tell you I probably know more about business than you do.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a rip off. It just adds more to the legacy that is Street Fighter I guess… & this TE stick is history in the making. With the launch of SFIV coming up and the release of these sticks, the fighting scene is without a doubt being revived & its community is increasing.

I know it sounds lame, but personally I preordered a (actually two) TE stick to honestly be a part of the history of SFIV and the start of what I hope to be a new “arcade stick” scene in the U.S. instead of always having to import from Hori & such. & because I actually want to become serious about fighting games… heh. Also with all the care put into the product (I mean actually modeling it like the arcade machine’s viewlixes? AND a compartment for the cable when it’s not being used/for storage?) and the top quality parts and how it’s easily modifiable make this $150 stick seem like a steal to me

The economy is bad…so what?
Fuck, everything cost more.

You expect Madcatz to DROP the price because of the economy…GTFO.

8 Sanwa buttons + 24mm equals around 36 dollars. Sanwa JLF = around 25 bucks. Right there that’s 61 bucks in just parts. Now how much do you think it would cost to make the plastic base, pcb, etc etc? Some parts cost far less than others, but the stuff still adds up. EDIT: uh Geese technically I think the Nubytech one was “Larger”, I think you mean more massive.

And you say that 150 is expensive, yet you bought a piece of shit 500 dollar iPhone.

lol… sanwa parts alone from a good store are around 65$ now shut up… madcatz could sell this stick for 200$ and people would still buy it.

if you cant afford it dont buy it and dont make a fucking post complaining about the price.