Madcatz in financial troubles?




…so what? I don’t need their products.


90’s me is sort of sad


Daigo sucks and so do their “fightsticks.” Rock Band Kayo Police Edition should net them a pretty good profit though


I’m more concerned about their support of FGC events vs their product line coming to a halt.


I hope so. The we can start calling Arcade Sticks “Arcade Sticks” again. Not whatever the fuck fight sticks are supposed to be.


It’s a model they produce. They call what they make “FightSticks”, but it falls under the universal category of “Arcade Stick” in the controller market. Mad Catz going under wont change the fact that a bunch of retards think the two terms are interchangeable.

Also all those years of producing shitty third party replacement controllers that break down in a month is catching up with them.


Pretty sure that was already the case before they started making arcade sticks, since those sticks were pretty much their first legit product since their conception as a company.


And even then the initial wave of the first SE/TE sticks were pieces of shit.


SEs were garbage for sure (expected of such a low price tag), but I don’t recall the 1st gen TEs being pieces of shit.


That’s crazy considering we pay a shitload of money for a stick that probably doesn’t cost 50% that to make.


I got my TE with a promotion code from Seasons Beatings Ascension. That was probably like 5 years ago and I havent had to replace anything in it yet. Then again I’m prettu sure that it’s not part of the initial wave of production either


I got a TE1 shortly after it was announced and the thing is still kicking alright. The cheaper models at the time yeah, those sucked and mine died but the more expensive one has lasted quite a while.

But I was hesitant to get one at first due to the Madcatz stigma, still one they are trying to shake. Haven’t even bothered getting their other products.


yeah it’s like they’re a company trying to make a profit or something.


They should make crappier products.
I bought my Soul Edition stick almost 3 years ago and it still works flawlessly.
At this rate I’ll never have to buy a new stick again, so how they gonna make money?


whomp whomp.
Build customs mf’ers!


They need to start telling all the newer players that Arcade Sticks make them better at fighting games. That’s how.


But they do not.
I got a 200 percent worse player execution-wise by picking up an arcade stick.
If you grew up on pad it makes absolutely 0 sense buying an arcade stick unless you’re living in a wealthy country and just want to do it for the hell of it.

I mean how many people grew up learning fighting games in arcades? That’s the only market arcade sticks really cater to.


That’s not the point. Scrubs always are looking for “git gud quik” tactics. If you tell em that it will work, they will probably buy it. It’s not false advertising if nobody knows the guy is Mad Catz employee.


Their other gaming peripherals are still garbage. Because I wanted to try another one because the te stick was so damn good. But then got disappointed. I bought something from them in the early 2000s and it broke within 3 weeks.

I feel like if they want to stay in business they have to try to make up for making shoddy stuff.