Madcatz KE Fightstick Modification?


Looking into this KE Fightstick (uses the Brawlstick case) that Madcatz is selling, liking the smaller size for sure (the original TE is a behemoth).

Only question is: Can I change the artwork? Does plexi for this exist?


For this type of case you need adhesive on the back of the art. Check


No plexi.


That’s unfortunate. Would have been ideal.


Ideal, yes.

The problem is the surface curve… trying to get plexi to do that is a bit on the tricky side.


Out of curiosity whats drawing you towards the KE and not SE/TvC/Brawlstick? Are you interested in the Korean setup?


If the cases are the same, won’t all of them lack the possibility to artwork mod with plexi?

Liking the KE cuz it comes stock with Sanwa parts and a Korean joystick.


Yes, the SE/Brawl/TvC/KE case was NOT made with plexis in mind. You can’t avoid the adhesive backing for artwork mods unfortunately…

The problem I have with the KE is that it DOES use the SE case. Psychologically, I know that it SHOULD cost more because of the higher-quality parts it uses versus the older releases of joysticks with the same case BUT it seems like for the cost/charge you should be getting a bit more joystick case than what’s actually there.

I’d still favor getting a TE-case release or the VS FightStick over the KE/Brawl case. The cost difference isn’t that great if you get a used TE joystick with the Sanwa buttons and sell the JLF for a Crown/K-stick. The Crown isn’t hard to install; the only thing is that you have to buy that harness adapter for it because it doesn’t have the 5-prong adapter that the JLF and most LS-joysticks have. What really killed the KE for many people is the reputation the early Crown joystick parts got… not very good reputation any way you slice it. Maybe the KE Crown parts are fine but for a lot of people it was kind of too late and they’d already made up their minds

The TE was really made for more extensive modding in mind than the Mad Catz SE case. The SE case is still a nice beginner joystick with an eye for easier modding than most lower-tier joystick cases BUT if you look at the costs of part upgrades and the potential for art customizations buying a TE really does make a lot more sense – especially if you can find it on sale around tournament times OR get your hands on a gently used TE.

Unfortunately, right now, getting a brand-new TE isn’t even an option unless you own a Wii U and are prepared to mod if for other consoles. Those are the only NEW-manufacture TE’s available on market now for MSRP. Every other TE release is out-of-print and ridiculously overpriced unless you can buy it used. That’s the e-Bay collectors/Amazon Marketplace mentality for you!


I have the round 1 TE from SF’s original release in '09. Got it mint condition from some guy locally for $80, and I like it. Its just so damn clunky though, I don’t need all of this excess space. Especially those side panels. Makes it really annoying to transport (which I do a lot, me and my friends bring our sticks to school and play after school and during lunch).

But I do also enjoy mods, so I guess i’ll just cope with the TE. Unless anyone knows of a smaller stick that is still artwork moddable.


The TE-S is another option but, again, it’s sold out.

The side panels were dropped from the TE-S and what you have left is basically the middle section from the Round 1 and 2 TE’s (I think).

I never bought the TE-S because I thought that frankly the R1/R2 joysticks looked fancier with the side panels! I liked the older editions better in spite of all the PCB issues.

It sounds like what you really want is a smaller, more portable joystick case. In that sense, the SE/Brawl/TvC/KE case is the best on market. Eminently upgradeable and even though many of us have issues with it it does get the job done.

It’s much less of a pain to upgrade and do art mods on a SE/Brawl/TvC/KE case than it is to refit a Hori Fighting Stick case or mod something old like the Dreamcast Agetec joystick case. I’ve modded the last two and take my word for it — it’s a much bigger pain-in-the-ass to cut a bunch of plastic (Agetec) or twist and bend electronic parts (Hori FS) to fit brand-new arcade parts than it is to buy a joystick case DESIGNED for upgrades and deal with the art issue.

In my own ideal world, they’d revive the old Dreamcast Agetec case but actually redesign the insides for you to make fitting new parts in easier… It’s a nice midsize case with great options for artwork and limited LED work but so far isn’t coming back from what I see. The Brawl/KE case is really the only viable alternative on-market to buying an HRAP or Mad Catz TE that I see that doesn’t involve a huge amount of Dremeling and desoldering of parts. That’s fun maybe the first 2 or 3 times you do that but by the sixth or seventh time – UNLESS you’re a masochist --, you really do start to HATE spending the time and money to do mods on stuff like the Agetec and Hori Fighting Sticks…


@George C said it best, you might as well go the extra mile and get a TE or Hrap with a custom plexi/plate fitted for Crown Fanta. I’ve played on a coupe of crown machines and used to have a salabuai and it upsets me that MCZ would put out a Korean stick in SE form factor. If youre willing to pay extra for shipping, sells Korean sticks and parts. (Laugh is an extremely cool guy).


Like I said initially, I have a TE… wanted the KE not for the crown but just cuz the case is sized a lot better for portability. Regardless, since TE is the best for customizing I’ll just stick with what I have