MadCatz Limited Edition BlazBlue TE

This is one of the limited run of 1500 Xbox 360 TEs for BlazBlue. I bought this brand new from Amazon in January 2011. I’ve played maybe 15 hours on it tops.

$110 + Shipping

Sorry Dude, you haven’t completed your 6 months probation before you can sell.

although…the stick IS very tempting…

You did call me out on it. I checked my registration date and saw March makes 5 months so I just went with it. If a Mod or someone wants to take the thread off I’ll just wait and give it another shot later.

why have i never seen this stick before? damn you rock house!

Since I haven’t met the 6 month requirement I won’t be selling this stick. If someone can close this thread I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

when you post it up again i’ll be the first to make you an offer…damn boy scout tendencies.

that’s too bad, that’s a dope joystick.

question about selling or trading. Do you have to subscribe to sell or can you sell as long as you are here on srk 6months and have 50 posts?

subscribe to what? if by subscribe you mean register at SRK, then yes, 6 months.

what i mean about subscribe is when you go on your profile they sell premium membership. Do you need that?

no you do not have to pay for prem

thanks, i wanted to post on selling or trading something but was not sure if i could though you had to pay for posting/selling items