Madcatz MLG Fightstick


Does anyone know if the MLG logo is a sticker or painted on?


That is painted on.


dang. any ideas on how to remove the logo without damaging the housing?


New plexi,


what kind of plexi? I’ve never heard of a plexi that covers the lower housing


A very sharp razor will remove the logo but if you’re not careful you can gouge the housing (I used a razor but did make a mistake, not noticeable but it bugs me). Obviously you’ll remove the finish there as well, so it will be something that can be felt when you run your hand over it. What I should have done was airbrush over it & then seal it.


Buy a different stick or repaint it…? Maybe paint thinner and try to rub it away, then touch up with high quality paint to cover up the removed area?

I don’t know…


Might want to try a plastic knife. Try to test if the knife plastic is will scratch it by trying to scratch it on the bottom surface.


thanks for the help. i shall try these solutions when i get the chance


You could try rubbing it with sugar. Seriously. It takes a bit but it’s less abrasive and leaves a smoother finish. I’ve used this technique to remove similar logos on phones and other devices.



whoa that’s an interesting one. i’ll definitely try this first haha


That’s how you get ants!



Sugar really does work, grab a box of sugar cubes and go to town. No idea if it would work on the stick, but I do know it works well removing carrier logos on phones.


thread bump,
quick question, anyone successfully removed the MLG logo from the case? curious about this…


1000-2000 grit sand paper (Wet sand it with warm water and soap) then polish it with some meguires compound and ultimate shine.