Madcatz PCB = Lag?!


I was wondering if someone could shed some light on this video. It appears to be (I can’t read Japanese) a PCB test between a Hori RAPVX and Madcatz TE, in which the Matcatz stick consistently underperforms compared to the Hori. I’d really like to know because I don’t want to be using a PCB with input lag… If this is the case, then all I can say is that I’m bitterly dissapointed that I wasted my money on this crap…

First time I’ve ever heard of it.

Better question: Why did someone rate this thread one star? It was a legit question, not trolling, with link to the youtube vid testing.

I too would like to see more on this

it must not be a big deal. considering when ive been watching the recent streams (season beatings, socal regionals, canada cup). seemed like every player had a TE

Mind blowing.
I might be imagining things, but I swear there were tests done on the PCB waaaay back when the TE was first introduced. Not really sure though.

Or it might have been the wireless on the T6 stick or something haha, anyways, this is a serious matter and it should be looked at.

I think this brings up the question: how much lag is acceptable? Because if everyone’s using a TE and not minding any “lag” then maybe it’s a moot point since it’s within acceptable levels.

This actually doesn’t surprise me. I had a RD1 TE which I replaced the PCB with a Paewang and I decided one day I’ll get a RD2 when they had the specials and at first, it felt like it was dropping inputs. I use Balrog, so a lot of moves, if I time incorrectly like a wake-up headbutt, won’t come out.

I eventually did get used to it fine and if someone like Daigo has no beef with the stick I think it’s safe to say its negligible.

There was another thread about testing somewhere.

IIRC did some testing with SE stick vs SE stick, and got one ahead of the other something like 10-15% of the time.

it’s like everything in the world is lagging

street fighter is lagging my life

Yeah, exactly. I’ve came from using a PSOne PCB on PS2 which is practically flawless, to playing SSFIV with the TE and all the time I’ve been playing it, it honestly felt as if there was lag on the inputs. I wasn’t totally sure but I had the idea in the back of my mind because that’s just how it felt, and I guess that’s actually true…

I think the main thing to question is not how many people are using the stick because they’re fine with lag, but how many people are using the stick because they’re unaware of the lag. I can’t speak for anyone else as we all have our opinions, but I personally hate using unresponsive hardware, I like to have the best response possible and it’s pretty dissapointing to spend so much money on something that’s supposed to be the flagship stick of this era, to find that’s it’s inferiour to a lot of it’s less popular, and less expensive (!) competitors.

If the HRAP3SA is more responsive than the HRAPVLX and the HRAPVLX is more responsive than the TE, that’s a considerable downfall for the TE. I wonder how many frames of lag there actually is, because judging by the video it looks as it there’s at least 1f or 2f of lag and if that’s from a comparison between the HRAPVLX and TE, then I wonder how many frames of difference there is between the HRAP3SA and the TE.

I think that I’d have to follow suit that it all depends on the construction of the PCB itself. As long as it’s acceptable, anybody can get used to the amount of “lag”. Any player on converter set-ups knows that there is just a bit of lag that naturally happens, but they’re usually adjusted to it. You can be a great player on a TE PCB, but then get an HRAP3SA PCB, and things are off? Doesn’t make you a bad player. Just something has been changed. Much like preference of Sanwa or Seimitsu. Sure, maybe a “less laggy” PCB makes it “better,” but there’s a lot of quantifiers of better. Is it common ground? That’s a big deal. How expensive was the PCB to make? Doesn’t matter for one frame of lag if you can make it at half the cost.

Yes, there are always discrepancies from stick to stick. That’s why you don’t play on a different stick every time. You hopefully practice on one stick, bring it to tourneys, and play on it. That’s why you mod it so it’s perfect for you. That’s why you make a custom, so it is perfect for you.

Honestly, I didn’t bother to see how much lag they quoted, because nobody has ever complained about the TE being laggy. Once you adjust to a certain amount of lag, 1 frame less lag means 1 frame of lag different than what you’re used to, which is not necessarily a good thing.

Why does it seem odd to me that with the consistent and well known problems with the TE/SE 360 pcb (triggers and disconnections), that it would take this imperceptible amount of lag for people to finally admit or realize that the main board on the 360 TE/SE sticks is a piece of shit?
MarkMan, nothing but love; everything you touched on the TE was great, but that main board is exactly the kind crap quality that gave MadCatz a bad reputation to begin with.

I just blame Microsoft for their POS encryption chip.

I blame SFIV for everything. Still, very interesting. So the ps3 lags, monitors lag, and now sticks. Lets go back to arcade plz.

This, please. Although, then people would complain about Happ sticks being in their cabinets and that they use an astro city layout, instead of vewlix, and that they like Seimitsu stuff, but everyone just has to put Sanwa in their cabinets, and going to tourneys means that the monitor lag will be different than their home cabinets… People will always blame something other than themselves…

Lol madcatz will always be madcatz

Ahh the good ole’ days. Where you sat down with either your MAS, HRAP, or custom. Sat in front of a Philips/Magnovox, and got your mutha fuckin game on. Without fear that one of many factors could be ruining your game.

You plop in your quarter, sneer at the other guy, yell at him for hella crowding the controls, choose your character, get owned up, leave, and talk about how that sucker needs to learn how to play.