Madcatz PRO modding


Do I have to take the red decal/sticker on the top to mod it? Or can I just unscrew the bottom like a SE/Brawl stick?


Unscrew from the bottom to access everything.


Saw this on amazon for 99 bucks so I’m thinking about getting it but I was wondering, is there anything bad about this stick compared to the pricier ones?


You can get it from madcatz for $79.99 and free shipping if you use the coupon CEO2014 .


Damnit, too bad I’ll be broke until after CEO is over. Do you know if the coupon codes will work a few days after the event is over?


I tried the last coupon code a few days after the Weekend event and it worked. But I’m not sure if that was a one time thing.
I bought a Pro during the sale a while back and really dig it. Thinking of getting a KE this go round.


It’s the same as a TE stick. Only draw back is that it is slightly lighter, but the weight is great for me. (can mod to be heavier)


The parts are the same, the feel is different–sloped front, lighter. Sides are not removable. It’s a lower tier product from the customizable perspective. As a tool though, everything inside is the same.


Ah. I like the sloped front a lot, compared to my non-sloped Brawl stick. The slope helps those who suffer from carpal tunnel.


Wait, but doesn’t the Brawlstick/SE have a sloped front as well?


Yeah, I haven’t used mine awhile so I forgot. It is significantly less angled, and since its a small stick base in general I don’t find my wrists resting on it that often.